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5 Major Benefits of 360-Degree Market Strategy

360-degree marketing strategy

5 Major Benefits of 360-Degree Market Strategy


In my previous article, I have talked about the 360-degree marketing strategy and some of the reasons why you should not abandon traditional marketing strategy because of your digital marketing strategy. I said it,  in that article that the two are expected to complement each other. In this article, I want to talk about some of the benefits of 360 marketing strategy to any organization whether big or small. Follow me as we look at this in this article.


#1 Covers the entire buying cycle

One of the good things about the 360-degree marketing strategy is that it covers the entire buying cycle. It does not only cover how you can implement your Search Engine Optimization, Facebook and Twitter ads and other aspects of your digital marketing but it also talks about how you can make use of unconventional channels in reaching out to your target audience.


#2 Follow your audience everywhere

Another beautiful thing about 360 marketing strategy is that it has plans on how to follow your audience wherever they go. Today’s type of audience is not static but they have their footprints both online and offline. When you have both online and offline plans, you will have plans to reach your audience across both online and offline channels where they may be present. Some of this might include radio and TV channels, fliers, visit brick and mortar among others.

360-degree marketing strategy

#3 Optimize for scale and relevance

Another beautiful thing about this type of marketing is the ability to scale it up so that it continues to be relevant for the purpose it was created for. Also, each of the platforms has its purpose and target audience. With traditional marketing, you can reach as many people as possible that likely have something that is binding them together. With digital marketing also, you can also reach your target audience but they might be few in number compared to the traditional channel. Most importantly, a 360 marketing strategy allows you to analyze your strategy and refine your marketing until you have a perfect situation.


#4 Complete marketing experience

One beautiful thing about marketing is that most people want to see their loving brand both online and offline. We always want to see how our favorite brand will appear outside the online environment. For most people, they have only taken action when it seems that the brand or the ads are available everywhere they go, at times, it might force the target audience to take action about the message that the organization is trying to pass across to them. The 360 marketing strategy allows the organization to give their target audience a complete marketing experience.


#5 Measure result effectively

One of the major drawbacks of traditional marketing is that there is always the problem of calculating the ROI of some of their campaigns. It is always difficult to know how people are reacting to the campaign. With the coming of digital marketing, if you are actually passing similar marketing campaigns across, you can actually have an idea of how people are reacting to the campaigns. You can make use of analytics which can give you an idea of how users are reacting to the message.


Let us assume that I have an ad that I am running online and I decided to go on air to spread out a similar message. If I am on TV by 8pm and at that time, there is increased interactivity on the landing page, I might infer that that is happening because of the program currently going on, on the TV.


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