Be Careful, Bitcoin Phishing Attacks On The Rise

Phishing attacks

After Bitcoin’s price goes higher and higher and has climbed from $11,000 on Monday to almost $17,500 on Sunday, phishing attacks on Bitcoin wallets increased, according to CheckPhish, which is a service that keeps track of new phishing pages against popular companies.

phishing attacks

According to CheckPhish reports, five domains have been recognized which were attempting to mask themselves as the Blockchain wallet service. Similar bitcoin phishing activity has been reported by others.

Moreover, cyber-security firm Fortinet also recognized a spam attack that targeted users with cryptocurrency-related tricks, the security firm found that these spam attacks promotes a fraudulent version of the bot trading tool GunBot in emails. It attempts to download files carrying Orcus RAT malware on user machines with a purpose of taking their Bitcoin data and emptying their wallets.
Users are recommended to be careful with online services and don’t click on links, download files or open attachments in emails from unknown senders.

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