Some of the basics of CRM Data warehouse

What a CRM Data Warehouse is…. 


When we talk of CRM is an organisation, it has to do with the way an organisation has decided to allow the front office of Marketing, Sales and customer service to work together with the back office of Accounting , Audit, among others in order to do business from customers perspective. The front office that relates directly with customers are able to work closely with the back office so that they are provided with information on what the customers are actually looking for in their products and services. This allow the organisation to get feedback about what customers are actually looking for. They are able to put machinery in place in order to deliver those services to them.

A CRM Data warehouse just like the normal warehouse that we are used to can be seen as a Digital centralized store where all organisational customer data are stored pending the time it will be analysed and a business decision will be taken. In this article, I want to tell you some of the basics that you need to know about customer centric data warehouse.
The very first thing is that CRM data warehouse provides a complete and accurate view of customers. IN a customer centric data warehouse, all customers data are centralized so that the front and the back office can have similar and holistic view of customers.

CRM Data warehouse


Through CRM data warehouse, all customers data that are scattered across the organisation are brought together in one place. By doing this, the organisation through data mining infrastructure can now know those elements that their customers have in common.


Some of the sources of data for customer centric data mining includes customer order processing, customer support, inquiries from customers, Marketing as well as various transaction from customers across the organisation.

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