6 Major Barriers To Team Development

6 Major Barriers To Team Development


When it comes to team development for projects, there are some major hurdles that a Project Manager has to pass through. You know that the team members are coming from different departments in the organization. Some are not members of that organization. Because of that, some of these team members may find it difficult to work together at times. That is why in this article, I want to look at six major barriers to team development for Project Managers. Follow me as we look at that together in this article. 

barriers to team development

#1 Ambiguous goals and roles

One of the major challenges to team development comes up when a project has ambiguous on unclear expectations. In a situation where team members could not decipher exactly what a particular project set to achieve, it will be very difficult for team members to come together and work towards achieving common goals. 


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#2 Conflicting Roles and Responsibilities

One of the major duties of the Project Manager is to make sure that the roles and responsibilities of Project managers are clearly separated and understood. In a situation, where team members have conflicting roles to play in the project. It will generate friction and make it difficult for team members to work towards common goals for the project.


#3 Poor communication

Another major barrier to project team development has to do with poor communication from the Project Manager. When the Project Manager fails to communicate the expectations from the project, it will be very difficult for team members to really know what they have to work on. This might lead to a situation whereby the activities of the project are not well coordinated. It can also slow down the development of the project. 


#4 Environmental changes

Also, unstable changes in the project or work environment can also affect team development efforts. Take for instance, if there is a change in the leadership of the project, the perspective of the old handler might be different from the viewpoint of the new Project Manager. This can also likely slow down the overall progress of the project.


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#5 Poor Support

As a Project Manager, you need every support you can get from the top management in order for you to succeed. In a situation where the top management in the organization is not giving you all the necessary supports that you need, you will have an issue developing the team. Once the body language of you and the top management are not saying the same thing, it might be difficult to get the help you need to succeed.


#6 Conflicting personal goals

In a situation where team members find it difficult to submit personal goals and ambitions to achieve greater organizational goals, there will be a problem. It is not that individuals should not pursue their personal goals and ambitions but it has to submit to corporate goals. The project management has to assist team members to see how they can use the project platform to achieve individual goals while submitting to corporate goals.


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It is when this happens that team members can work together as a team.

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