/Use of backstage tab in microsoft project

Use of backstage tab in microsoft project





In this article, I want to introduce you to the backstage which is now a very common feature in Microsoft Office. I will tell how it looks like and some of the activities that can be carried out in this Back Office .t us get started This may not be a One article affairs but let us get started and see how far we can go.


backstage tab microsoft project


One of the very first thing to note about the Backstage in Microsoft Project 2013 is that it is a place where you can start a  new project. From the Image above, you can start a new project by:


  • Using new template.
  • Reusing an existing template. That means the template of an existing project that you have carried out successfully.
  • You can also generate a new project template from Microsoft Excel. I believe some Project Managers today still make use of Excel for their project.
  • You can also generate a new Project by using SharePoint Task list. SharePoint is a server based program that allows the Project managers and his team members to upload their task and share the progress of their task as well.



You can always access the Backstage in Microsoft  Project 2013 by clicking on the File Tab  in your interface , this will take you to green environment call the backstage.


From this place , you can make some change that will affect how your Backstage in Project 2013 software behaves. Let me tell you how you can safe your document in this article. I will go into other area in my subsequent articles.


Looking at this image, the first place that you can save your article is on One Drive. One Drive is a cloud technology that works like Google drive. It works just like Google drive which allow you to save your document on Microsoft server so that you can access it anywhere you need it.


You can also save to SharePoint server.MOSS is used by many enterprises as a content management system (CMS). Partially as a result of the tight integration with Microsoft productivity applications included in Office, such as Word, many administrators have found MOSS useful in organising and aggregating an enterprise’s data into Web-based portal with defined taxonomies that structure the information.


You can as well save on the system that you are using . In doing this, you just have to click on Computer and select the location where you wish to save your document. In my subsequent articles, I will be looking at some of the other settings that you can change the use of  Backstage in Microsoft Project 2013.




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