The Backstage elements in Microsoft Excel 2013

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This article talks about some of the backstage elements of the backstage view in Microsoft Excel 2013…..


The stage view is one of the new additions from Microsoft Excel 2010. It was developed further in Microsoft Excel 2013.


It appears when you select the FILE tab on the Ribbon.



backstage elements

Along the left pane in the Backstage view, Excel displays a series of commands and tabs that enables you to save and access Excel workbooks.


It includes access commands and options for working with your Excel Files and for configuring Microsoft Excel applications options.



There are some common tasks that you can perform with Microsoft Excel Backstage view which includes previewing and printing workbooks, installing add-ons. It also includes saving and accessing Excel files, applying security options and sharing a workbook with your colleagues among others.


You can also exit the Backstage elements by selecting the backstage button from the Backstage Window.


The backstage view can also be seen as the place where you typically go to do things to you Excel Files, whereas the other ribbons tabs were where you do to do things within your Excel files.



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