The Awareness Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey

Analyzing The Awareness Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey


The awareness stage of the buyer’s journey is the time that the consumer realized that the product can actually solve his problem. This might have been as a result of the consumer realizing that he actually has a problem that needed to be solved.


At this stage, the marketer has to find a way of creating visibility for the product. He needs to plan how consumers will get to know that the product actually exists. This has to do with working to fill the gap that actually exists or find ways of doing better what others have been doing already. You really have to portray your product as the solution that people are looking for.

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awareness stage of the buyer's journey

Let’s take, for example, we have a man who would like to travel out of the country because of the situation in Nigeria. Such an individual might not be happy because of the level of unemployment in Nigeria and the fact that some employers are just mean. He might decide to find a greener pasture outside Nigeria. This might lead to a situation where he decided to approach one or two travel agencies to process his travelling abroad. At this stage, he has realized that he has a problem that needed to be solved.


There are five questions you need to ask:

  1. Why is the consumer trying to solve his/her problem?
  2. What is the root of the problem?
  3. Where will they go to find the solution?
  4. What can your company bring?
  5. How does your company solution fit into customer knowledge or lifecycle?


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You need to know that it is difficult to capture customers in the awareness stage than any other stage of the buyer’s journey. To capture this category of people, you must make use of the element of repetition and the ability to develop new content. Such new contents also need to match employees’ motivation. You also need to make sure that those contents match the way customer thinks. 


It is also important that you are at the place where customers and prospects want to make their decisions. Most of the time, research has shown that 72% of people having a problem will always turn to Google when they need to make buying decisions. 

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