/How to find Average of the least total sales in Microsoft Excel

How to find Average of the least total sales in Microsoft Excel

How to Average of the least total sales in Microsoft Excel

As an Excel Expert , what you will always find yourself doing at times is that, you will be querying the database in order to make some business decisions. Querying your database at times will involve combining functions together in order to have a better answer. Microsoft Excel allows you to add about 65 arguments together. In this article, I want to find the average of seven smallest number. Therefore, I will be making use of Average Function and SUM Function together in this article.


total sales


To find the average of the least total sales, I will click on the cell where I want my answer to appear and put the equals to symbol. After I have done that. The next thing is to call the first Function which is the Average Function, followed by the SMALL function.



Now he is asking us to put the Number in order to find the average.


I will highlight the column where my answer is coming from. Do not forget that we have to leave out the Grand Total from what will be included in our answer.


The next thing is the k, which is the constant. Since I am looking for the Average of 7 least total sales. My k Is 7.


I will now close the bracket twice. Once I do that, if I press ENTER, I should see my answer.



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