/How to use Auto fill to save time in Microsoft Excel

How to use Auto fill to save time in Microsoft Excel


I have had many first timer in my class that claimed to be Gurus but have not heard about Auto fill in Microsoft Excel. Some find their answers line by line, thereby wasting a whole lot of time. What if you add a lot of cells to cover? That means you will use the whole month trying to solve what should have taken a couple of minutes.


Auto fill to the rescue.


With Auto fill, one you have found one answer, you can always drag down to find the remaining answer to your questions. I am going to use the IF Function argument that I started in my last article to show you how to use this powerful tool in Microsoft Excel. Let me show you that now.


auto fill


Now we have gotten the answer for ADE , the first Sales Person , we do not need to go through Function Library to find the status of the other Sales Rep, we can drag down to find our answer.


How to do Auto Fill

To do it, move your cursor to the edge of your answer, close to where the answer box is and let it remain there.



Once it remains there, you are going to see your cursor changing to a tiny plus, you can now hold down your left click and drag down in order to see your remaining answer. I am so sorry that I am not able to provide that snapshot. If you have challenge doing it, make use of the comment box. You just wait till your cursor transformed to that tiny plus.


A faster way to Auto fill


You can place cursor at that edge of your first answer and double click. No need to drag down. It will definitely provide the answer up till the last cell as well.



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