How to use Audience Analysis Perspective on websites

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Here are the ways to use Audience Analysis Perspective in web analytics….


Audience Analysis Perspective in web analytics can be seen as the analysis of the traffics that you have on your website based on the characteristics they have in common or what is bringing them to your website.


In my previous article on this subject matter, I have looked at some of the reasons why you need to perform analytics on your website. In this article, I want to look at how audience analysis can help you to drive more traffic to your website. You need to perform audience analysis on your website. This will help you to analyse your visitors based on their geographical location. Follow me as we look at this in this article.


Geographical location as part of audience analysis

One of the things that you can achieve with audience analysis is to understand the geographical location of your audience. It will help you to know the countries that your visitors are coming from. Knowing this will help you to know when to diversify on your website as well as where to target your traffic in the future.

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You will also be able to understand the number of visitors that you are getting from a particular country. When you have understanding of this, you can take practical steps to win over countries where you are expecting traffic but they are not yielding to your strategies.

Languages as part of Audience analysis

One other reason why you need to carry out audience analysis is to understand the preferred language on your website. This will help you to identify those regions where you are getting more traffic as well as those other regions that are attracting less traffic to your website as well.

When you introduce audience analysis, you will also be able to go deep and analyse the reason why you are having negative trend from some of those regions. You can discover the militating factors and come up with measures in order to correct the negative trend on your website.

Introducing audience analysis will also allow you to apply strategies that work for those regions where you are having maximum traffic to area where you are having low traffic.  It is when this is been done that you can see a turnaround in your traffic.

If there is anything you need to understand before you start creating new contents , it is your audience. Also after you have identify your audience , you need to micro segment them by identifying what each of the prospective audience are actually looking for. You have to give it to them if you are desirous of retaining them.

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