6 Facts To Know Before Attempting PMP Certification

6 Facts to Know Before Attempting PMP Certification


PMP Certification Project Management Institute is one of the lucrative certifications that you can ever have. Having the certification opens a lot of opportunities for you. I cannot begin to state some of the numerous benefits that come with Project Management Certification. Do not be surprised that the pay raise you have been asking for comes easily when you grab this certification. Roll your sleeves as I will be telling you all you need to know about it in this article.



Let me tell you about PMI first….

PMI is a non for profit organisation that is out to standardize how the project is been managed all over the world. It is not created for profit motive but for project standardization. The head office of the organisation is located in Pennsylvania in the United States of America.

The body is engaged in advocating for the profession, setting professional standards and conducting research and providing access to a wealth of information about project management generally.

PMI also promotes career and professional development and offer certifications such as Schedule management, Portfolio management, risk management certifications among others. They also offer networking and community development opportunities for registered members across the globe.



The pre-requisite for writing PMP certification…

One of the very first thing that you need to know about the PMP exam is that it meant for practising project managers and not just anybody. You are expected to have the knowledge and practical experience of managing project. I feel without this knowledge; you might have a hard time passing your examination.

Facts to Know Before Attempting PMP Certification

When you are planning to write the exam, you have to change your thinking. PMI wants you to assume that you are managing a project with about two hundred spread across the globe. You also need to assume that you have a budget of about $1million for this project. I will tell you more about some of the tricks of passing the exam in my future articles.

As I have said, you are expected to have practical project management experience, if you are a school certificate holder, you are expected to have five years’ project management experience either as a Project Management or a member of a team.


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You should also have attended a PMP training class. This applies to anyone planning to write the exam. If you have a first degree and above, you are expected to have three years’ project management experience. You must also have attended PMP training to earn a PMP certification.



Another wrong assumption that I would like to correct has to do with the submission of Project Management experience. I want to say doing this does not apply to everyone. You only need to submit evidence when your form is picked for an audit. PMI always choose 25% of candidates that apply for the exam for audit at any given time.

This is always done randomly. If you are not chosen. PMI will ask you to proceed to pay for the exam. That means if your form is picked for audit, your payment for the exam may be delayed. It is always advisable for you to get prepared in case your form is picked for an audit.

You should note that when you are putting your project management experience, PMI only reckons with experience that you acquired in the last eight years.



You cannot be talking about the Project you handled in 2005 when you are writing the PMP exam in 2019. Besides the experience you are going to put must not overlap. You have to choose one of the two projects that you are involved in at the same time.


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You also need to know that your designation does not really matter. Some have the mindset that PMP certification is only for people in the IT field. If you are PMP certified, you should be able to manage any project.

A Disclaimer…

I want to talk about the cost of PMP certification and the nature of the exam now. Please do not quote me or my blog as far as the cost of the exam is concerned. All I know is that you will need about two hundred thousand naira to write a PMP exam. It is also equivalent to about $500.

I always advise my students to pay and register for PMI membership because it has a lot of benefits. You are expected to pay $139 yearly as a membership fee. This will give you a lot of added advantage including getting a discount off your certification exam and materials.

The PMP exam consists of 200 multi-choice questions. It is a four-hour stretch exam. Out of the 200 questions, 25 questions are not graded. PMI use such questions for research to see how students are going to respond to them.



Another thing is PMI does not disclose the passing score for PMP certification.  It still remains a mystery. Some have suggested that you need to get about 110 questions correctly for you to get certified. You should also know that PMI does not have negative marking. That is why you should feel free to attempt all questions.

The PMP certification lasts for three years. You have to earn 60 Professional Development Units to renew your certification. One thing is that you do not need to write an exam to renew your certification. Kindly note that PDUs can be earned through many ways including taking a higher certification from PMI or managing a project.

Also, PMP exams are set by volunteer project managers across the globe. The exams are based on the PMP Guide also known as Project Management Body of Knowledge which is a compendium of all best practices recommended by the PMI.

The exam has five domains which include Initiating (13% of the exam), Planning (24% of the exam), Executing (31% of the exam), Monitoring and Controlling (25% of the exam), and Closing which covers 7% of the exam.

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