8 Major Ways of Assembling A Project Team

8 Major Ways of Assembling A Project Team


After you might have identified requirements for your project, you need to gather project teams that will be used in executing the project. Your ability to gather the right team members will determine whether the project will succeed or not. 


assembling a project team


Assembling a well-formed project team members will result in meeting the resource needs of the project to fulfill project requirements.


The Guidelines…

#1 Good relationship

As a Project Manager , you need to understudy the organisation you are working for. I have said it in one of my articles that the type of organisation that you find yourself will determine whether you have control over resources or not.

If you find yourself in any organisation that have departmental managers , you have to ensure that you have good rapport with them . If not, you might be denied access to resources that you need to succeed.


#2 Know when

There is a need for you to know when you need specific resources. This will allow you that bargain ahead of the time that you need such resources. It will also assist you to avoid a situation that you pull out a resources from his main work ahead of the times that such resource is needed.


#3 Critical resources

There is a red for you to negotiate with appropriate stakeholders for critical resources that are essential for the success of the project. You have to ensure that you have assurance these critical resources will be available when you need them so as to guarantee the success of your project .


#4 Retention

You have to make sure that efforts are geared towards retaining the procured team. Most importantly if the you work in a functional organisation . You must ensure that you are able too commit the resources to your ur project without much hindrances.


#5 Synergy and Diversity

There is a need for you to also look for synergy and diversity among team members . You have to ensure that they work together in order to acheive project goals. You must ensure that all team members sees themselves as one working towards common goals.


#6 Outside resources

You also need to look out for outsides resources where you could not find in-house resources to perform some tasks. You should be able to approach the management and other stakeholders for critical resources that are needed in order to acheive project goals.


#7 Clearly defined role

In order to have a successful project team , you have to make sure that project roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Each of your team members have to know the roles that they have to perform in order for the project to succeed.


Also, if any issue arose between you and a team member, you have to talk to such member privately before you make it a public affair.


#8 Distribute the organizational chart

There is a need for you to distribute the organizational chart to all stakeholders. Each of the team members and stakeholders have to clearly understand the reporting structure and know who they need to report to . This will recent friction and ensure that information flow smoothly within and outside the project.


Typical example…

Greg has been assigned the task of organising a fundraiser for a children’s hospital. First , Greg meets with his functional managers., Kim and Rob, to determine what kinds of people should be running each activity, if they need to hire any extra help, and how much resources will cost.


They employ about 40 people , and 20 have been preassigned by Kim and Rob to work on activities based on previous experience with the fundraiser. Sone activities have already been decided including a hoop-shooting contest, balloon volleyball , and karaoke contest .



Greg receives a list of everyone who has been assigned to work with him and calls a meeting to develop his team and assign responsibilities . Some team members need to have good organizational skills , some need to have creative skills ; however all.need to be going d with kids.


Based on skills and abilities Greg selects his team , including a high school basketball coach to be in charge of the hoop-shooting contest and and art major to run arts and craft. Greg finds a local college that agree to rent it’s gymnasium to the event for only $100.


The next day, Greg goes over the roles and responsibilities one final time with his team to make sure that all is understood. An organization chart is made and given to the college, Kim and Rob so they know exactly how the gym will be used and who will be involved in each activity. Now, organization and setup can begin for the event.

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