Use of arrow diagramming method in project management

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This article talks about use of Arrow Diagramming Method in Project management…



The Arrow Diagramming Method is a project schedule network diagramming method that uses arrows to represent activities and circles or nodes to represent project events or milestones.

Its unique features…

One of the basic features of Arrow Diagramming Method is that it always reads from the left to the right of the diagram.

The Arrow Diagramming Method also make use of a finish to start form of dependencies  to present its activities. That means Activity A must end before Activity B can start.

arrow diagramming method

The Arrow Diagramming Method also uses nodes as connectors with no duration to indicate the precedence relationship between the activities that are presented on the nodes.

Also, Arrow Diagramming Method can be prepared manually or through the use of as software. As  I have said in my previous article, the automatic mode are less prone to errors than the manual mode of preparing Arrow Diagramming Method.

The Arrow Diagramming Method might also feature Dummy activities as part of its activities. A Dummy activity is a type of activity with no duration that uses a dashed line to show precedence relationship when the relationship cannot be shown using regular diagram arrows. Sometimes , the Arrow Diagramming Method can be referred to as ” Activity-On-Arrow”.

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