Are Couples Who Found Themselves Online Happy? | Does Online Relationship Work Out

More than 40 percent of the world believe that they can find great love on the Internet. According to surveys, one in four people have found the woman or man of the heart via portals such as Facebook , WhatsApp, Tinder and Co. Supposedly, this is the best possible start for a relationship.

The first warm rays of sunshine on the face, the temperatures in the pleasant area and the clothes no longer completely body-changing: this is for many singles felt the perfect time to finally fall in love again. To make this work, many Germans spend money on online dating platforms: according to a Bitkom survey, up to 40 euros a month. Apparently you can buy happiness in this way.
The claim

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According to several similar studies, relationships last longer and couples are happier when they find themselves on the internet through partner agencies or dating apps.
Fact or fake?

Not all of the studies on relationship happiness after online dating come from partner agencies, says relationship and flirting expert .

What’s the case is that online couples move together faster than offline couples, start a family faster, and get married earlier. One reason for this may be that online couples do not slip into a relationship by chance, but have consciously chosen to enter into a partnership.


So these couples would have made room for a new partner and not waited for someone to accept them as they are. And many are also preparing well for this: According to surveys, almost 40 percent search online for information about their potential partner online before a first date. This is also an indication that one should not change the information for online dating. Those who exaggerate here usually fly up quickly.

Of course, online partner exchanges also want to prove with such studies that their matching procedures work. Depending on the test, this seems to be true.

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Most researchers also agree that many commonalities are good for a lasting relationship, says Eric Hegmann. However, relationship happiness is nevertheless subjective: it does not matter where the partners have found each other. It is much more important that both have chosen well and can build a lot of relationship competence.

So the claim is a fake!

Internet partner exchanges can help to find a good match for themselves. In general, however, couples who have found themselves online dating are not happier.

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