Facts About Appropriate Use Of Hashtags

Facts About Appropriate Use Of Hashtags


A Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the # symbol used to categorize keywords or topics allowing users to easily find and follow topics/conversations of interest to them. By clicking on a hashtag, it will display all other posts shared with that particular hashtag included, so it’s a great way to discover, organize, and track topics/conversations of interest.

Because they’re such a great aid for discoverability, hashtags can help marketers to help increase brand recognition, expand their reach, and target new customers. Use of Hashtag also makes it easy for marketers to create, join, or impact a conversation that is culturally relevant or relevant to their business.

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Use of Hashtag does come with a set of best practices. In terms of hashtag creation, SEO keywords make great hashtags because they are often short and will increase discoverability. Also consider using popular hashtags such as #TBT, #PhotoOfTheDay, #NoFilter, when relevant to increase discoverability and show understanding of the platform

Create a branded hashtag for your company and monitor your community’s hashtags before implementing to ensure relevance and avoid controversy. Do be sure to capitalize the hashtag in the appropriate places to improve brand recognition and readability and keep them short, because brevity aids memorability and leaves more space for other commentary and links.


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It’s important to avoid using spaces or punctuation in a hashtag as it will make it separate from the keyword and make it unsearchable. Finally, you should also avoid using a lot of hashtags at once, the fewer hashtags in a post, the better as they take up space and can make your post seem spammy and less authentic.


Branded Hashtags…


A branded hashtag is one that is unique to your business, usually including your company name, company tagline, campaign or contest name used for driving participation and engagement. Branded Hashtags are a best practice because they are unique to your business and can be used to drive participation and engagement.


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