The hidden secret of how Anti-virus software works

Here are the basics of how anti-virus works…

“Virus has been detected,” says the Software from anti-virus manufacturers. I believe that is a voice that we are always used to? If you are likely me, you might have been wondering what is actually happening underground, it is that that I want to show you now. Maybe when I tell you that, you will now realize the reason why you need to update your anti-virus on a daily bases.

 anti-virus software

Most of the Anti-virus that you will find out there use two major techniques to detect viruses. 

#1 Virus dictionary
One of the very common methods used by anti-virus manufacturers when detecting whether a particular program is a virus is through the use of virus dictionary. It is just like you are about to have a party. You have now give Bouncers standing order on those that are qualified to enter the Ballroom. That is exactly how it works. The anti-virus manufacturers have a dictionary that contains characteristic of viruses. They will always use this to decide what constitutes a virus.

It is all about a bit of code matching the known virus database, then the anti-virus program is to either delete, remove or repair the file.

#2 Suspicious behaviour
Another method being used by anti-virus manufacturers to detect whether a particular software is a virus or not is the behaviour. When a particular software is behaving abnormally or going to ” no-go area”, it will be termed as a virus and be added to the known virus database.

#3 Emulation
Another method that anti-virus manufacturers can use to detect whether a particular software has a virus or not is to emulate the beginning of the executable code before it is been transferred. If the program seems to be a virus or it’s using a self-modifying code, then it can be termed as a Virus.  Like I said if it behaves in an abnormal way. it will be termed as a virus.

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