Annoying content: More example of link building strategies

In this article , I want to continue my discussion on some of the link building strategies that you can adopted. Lets continue the discussion.

7. Thought-provoking, irritating, annoying content

This can be tricky. It can ruin your reputation when done wrong. Don’t try to abuse people, their struggles, and opinions. Help them to solve their issues. Be careful on what you plan to profit. I recommend reading this article by Sean Hodge.

8. White-papers

They’re widely used in the B2B world but you don’t need to be a corporation to conduct a deep research in the industry, add your thoughts, charts, and knowledge others can benefit from. White-papers are a great source of sharing opportunities and gaining valuable links.

9. Reviews and comparisons

These two rank very high when done right. Your deep analysis, pros, cons and recommendations will solve decision paralysis of many readers. What’s more, if you’re good enough, businesses will be willing to pay for reviewing their products. And suddenly, you can be a thought leader.

10. Create a dedicated blog section

There are many companies with useful content despite not having a blog. It’s time to use that potential! A dedicated blog is an engagement magnet.

Make sure to go through this very detailed guide on how to learn blogging if you aren’t sure how to start. This infographic on how to start a business blog is extremely useful as well.

11. Make an interview

Try to partner with well-known authorities in the industry. It doesn’t need to a superstar. The person will share the interview with their audience and might link to it on their website too.

12. Guest posts

Guest posts represent a good way to earn backlinks. Do website research, write outstanding content and try to publish it on an authoritative website. They usually have strict guest blogging guidelines and it sometimes takes a lot of time to accept your submission.

It’s a bit more time consuming, but it definitely works. You will find lists of websites accepting guest posts but if you plan to target relevant ones, use Google search operators. Start with the focus keyword and add “write for us”.

You can specify your query with the operators: allintitle, intitle, inurl to find even more opportunities.

And now from the opposite point of view: If you publish a guest content on your site and the same blogger publish another content on a different site linking to the original article on your site, you’ll have a backlink.


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