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In this article, I want to talk extensively about all that you need to know about Fonds Nigeria. A new entrant into Multi Level Marketing in Nigeria.

The funniest part of it is that Fonds Nigeria Limited aimed at empowering Nigerians and making sure that they have food on their table.


fonds network

The fear of many people though is that they have to start looking for people before they can move up the ladder. From my own experience it all have to do with who your upliners are. With me and Grace Legend at the saddle. You don’t have to worry about that . But that does not mean you should be lazy too. We will work to make sure that you move up the ladder effortlessly.

Another beautiful think about Fonds Nigeria Limited offer is that you need a small amount to start. You need only N2,500 to start . Once you can summon the courage to tell others just like me. You can easily move up the ladder.
fonds network

I need to tell you more about Grace Legend. She and the husband only do two things for a living. They live on cryptocurrency and Multi Level Marketing. They have nothing less than 15 years experience in Multi Level Marketing.


Fonds Nigeria is still very young. It is just a month old. That means you are one of the foundation member of this platform if you decide to join this platform that works.

How it Fonds Network Nigeria works…

  • Once you registered with a one time payment of N2,500.00 (Two thousand , five hundred naira only) which is a one time payment, you are in the preliminary stage .

As soon as you complete this stage with six people under you, you qualify for incentive of a carton of Indomie Noddles which is just the starting point.

  • You are now on the main stage 1 which is also the second stage that you are going to move to.At the completion of this stage , you are qualified to receive Foodstuff worth N24,000.00 ( Twenty four thousand naira).
  • You are now on the stage 2 which is also the third stage. At the completion of this very stage , you will get a total of N156,000 plus a Gas cooker , a Refrigerator or Generator worth N50,000 (Fifty thousand naira only).


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  • You are now in Stage 3 , which is also the Fourth stage. After the completion of this stage, you earn a total of N1, 920,000.00 ( One million , nine hundred and twenty thousand naira).


  • You are now in Stage 4, at the completion , you get a total of 1, 700,000.00 ( One million, seven hundred thousand naira only) and a brand new car worth N5,000,000 ( Five million naira only) .

You have to note that Fonds Nigeria make use of e-pin in order to make payments. You need to pay to their First City Monument Bank account in order to get E-Pins equivalent to the amount you paid.

fonds network

Here is the Account details for Fonds network.

ACCOUNT NO: 4781029011

You need to contact someone that is already registered before you can pay for the first time. This is due to the fact that you need to pay with your ID number as the account name.

After the first payment, you now pay on behalf of others. My general advise is to register under me. With that you do not need to stress yourself. You just pay your 2,500 naira and send your money on errand.

See you at the top.


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