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Examining Analysis And Optimization Functions In Digital Marketing

Analysis and optimization functions

Examining Analysis And Optimization Functions In Digital Marketing


The last stage of the marketing functions is Analysis and Optimization functions. This assists you in analyzing your past strategies, budget, and functions. It will allow you to detect and come up with the best ways to improve your strategies.


Also, having your Optimization strategies in place will ensure that you have a cost-effective strategy. You will achieve what you have planned with your marketing without having to break the bank.

Analysis and optimization functions

You need to know that marketing functions happen three times within the market process. It happens when you are:


#1 When you are researching the market and the audience for planning.

#2 When you are testing and optimizing along the awareness and conversion stages.

#3 After a campaign so that you can optimize and strategize for the next campaign.


Also, before you can carry out any strategic decision, you need to study the market, audience, trend, culture, and competitors using different research tools that are available on the internet.


Once the strategy is set up based on the result of the previous analysis, the organization needs to set up an analytics and optimization process. This might include testing of page visits, form submission, clicks, and conversion among others. This will help us to determine whether the program is successful or not. This will allow the organization to recreate contents that resonate with the audience. It also allows different teams handling different collaboration process to work together in order to achieve the desired results.


At this stage, you can compare what you planned to achieve earlier with what they planned to achieve at the end of the day. This will help us to decide whether are worth keeping or not.


Also, there should be a concerted effort to monitor the organization’s social media platforms even when campaigns are not going on. This will help us to discover the organic influence of those social media platforms on our marketing strategies. It will also enable us to come up with processes that are geared towards the organic conversion of our target audience.


Also, after every campaign, the marketing data will be collected and be analyzed against planned results in order to determine whether the campaign was successful or not.


At this stage, some questions need to be asked:


  1. Were the goals reached?
  2. Does the campaign over or under-performed? If yes why? If no why?
  3. Was there a lack of investment in the campaign?


These are some of the questions that the organization analyst or strategist might ask.


The analysis and optimization functions are necessary I’m presenting the successes of the marketing strategies to the other departments in the organization. It also allows the analyst to convert the goals to tangible business results which can be used to determine the success rate of the organization.



Now your take this argument.

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