Amazing Facts About Social Networking Sites


Amazing Facts about Social Networking sites


Social Networking Sites are web-based services that allow users to build online profiles, share information, pictures, music clip among others.


These sites allow users to create a.list of other users with whom they can share information.


It allows users to get themselves involved in discussion boards and hobby groups.

Social Networking Sites

It allows users to refer to other potential users to businesses.


What then is a profile…

A profile is a collection of information that defines or describe a user’s interest.


The main profile page of a user of any social networking sites introduces and describes the user.


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Information that a user may post on his/her page includes: Name/ nicknames

  • Names and nicknames
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Photos, videos
  • Personal interest
  • Name of schools, sports teams, and friends.


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