How internet aid digital marketing

I remember those days that we use to scramble to read online newspapers. Some can seat for many hours reading the newspaper even though some of that news is stale news.

The other day, one of the Nigerian Presidential aspirants who happens to be an online publisher was saying if TV Stations fails to invent, they will soon fizzle out with time. That is a bitter truth.

The fact remains that nowadays, people are no longer listening to newspapers or radio like before. Facebook, for example, has about two billion users. That is massive compared to the audience that a TV or Radio station can have.

You can never compare Digital marketing with any other form of traditional marketing. In this article, I want to look at some of the reasons why Digital marketing is a better option for anyone that wants to reach a wider audience.



Therefore what is Digital Marketing or online marketing?

Digital Marketing or online marketing refers to selling or promoting products or services via the internet through websites, emails or other online media platforms.

This mode of marketing combine designs of the website or blog with other creative tools that are needed which are geared towards reaching a potential audience and turning them to customers.

digital marketing


With the internet as the level playing, this mode of marketing allows organisations to reach out to the potential audience. The beauty of it is that the seller and the buyer do not need to schedule any meeting before communication can take place.

How the internet now aids internet marketing…


#1 It binds stakeholders

One of the beauty of the internet on digital marketing is that it binds stakeholders together. With internet marketing in place, the stakeholders can spread over different places and still work together towards customer satisfaction and increase the level of interaction with customers.


#2 integrating brand

The internet also helps in integrating the brand with customers generally. With the internet, you do not need to be at the organisation offices before you can enjoy the products and services that they have for sales. This allows the organisation to provide tools that will allow them to serve customers better. It is really a unifying tool.


#3 Information management system

The internet can be a form of an information management system for both the organisation and the user. It allows the organisation to pass the right message at the right time to their target audience. This increase the bond between the organisation and its esteemed customers. It also allows an organisation to build a loyal and unified customer base.


#4 reaching targeted customers

The internet allows organisations to reach their target customers with the right information about products and services. They are able to do this beyond their immediate environment. This allows them to reach new markets and exploit new opportunities.


#5: Market development

The internet can also be a tool that will allow the organisation to develop new products and services according to customers’ feedback. They will be able to get feedback from customers and engage in low-cost advertising that will boost their sales effectively.


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