Revealed: 11 Principles of Agile Manifesto in PMP

Revealed: 11 Principles of Agile Manifesto in PMP


I have talked about Agile methodology in my previous article. In this particular article, I will be looking at the 12 principles of agile methodology. I am writing this article so that I can throw more light on some of the things that you need to know about the agile principle. Follow as we look at it together in this article.

11 Principles of Agile Manifesto in PMP


#1 Customer satisfaction

One of the main focus of agile methodology is customer satisfaction. Emphasis is been placed on customer satisfaction more than any other aspect of the project. This is been done through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.


#2 Change at any time

Another unique feature of the agile manifesto is that it welcomes changes at any changes in the project lifecycle. For agile, it is not over until it is over. The customer can request for a change at any time even if the product is about to be rolled out. Amazingly, the process of requesting for change is not hard compared to what PMBOK Guide teaches.


#3 Delivering frequently

Agile methodology is also all about delivering working software at all time. It is highly recommended for a long term project. You can use the methodology when the desired requirement of your project keeps changing. In agile methodology, it will always be as if the end to your project is not in sight.


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#4 Working together

The agile methodology also placed more emphasis on working together. The project team and the end users need to work together in order to ensure that the right product that will satisfy the need of end users are been delivered at all times.


#5 Motivated team

One other beautiful thing about Agile methodology is that it allows the Project Manager to build his project around a motivated team. If you are the Project Manager managing an agile project, you will not have to order your team around, they have to be allowed to use their initiative in moving the project to the next level.


#6 Face to face conversation in Agile manifesto

Agile methodology or manifesto does not believe too much on paperwork. It is assumed that the best form of communication is face to face communication. Therefore, the team members work with the project end users in order to deliver. They are to look at the output of the project and comment. The Project can now implement the feedback of the end user until the project is finally accepted.


#7 Working software

In Agile manifesto rule, what is more, important is working software? Therefore it is expected that the project team and the end user, as well as the Project Manager, should work together in order to ensure that the software or other project deliverable is working the way it supposed to work.


#8 Technical excellence as part of Agile manifesto

In agile methodology, more attention is placed on the technical excellence of the deliverable. The team have to work together to ensure that there are no hitches in the end product. They are allowed to use their initiative in delivering quality products and services.


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#9 Simplicityas part of Agile manifesto

The agile manifesto also believes in the concept of simplicity in delivering software. They are of the opinion that simple things are easy to implement. If you keep it simple, you will be able to make changes when they are required. It should be noted that good things do not have to be complicated. That is why Agile is known for the KISS concept which means Keep It Simple and Stupid. It might be contrary to common sense but it is really working.


#10 Self-organizing teams as part of Agile manifesto

Also, the agile methodology also believes in self-organising teams. The teams are not compelled to use any particular method to carry out the tasks. The Project manager does not act like taskmaster but he allows the team members to organise themselves and deliver on the result.


#12 Reflection as part of Agile manifesto

One other fact that makes agile team exceptional is that they always reflect on their past. They always receive feedback from stakeholders and plan on how they will not repeat mistakes of the past. This allows the team to move on to achieve project objectives.


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