The use of activity dependencies in project management

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This article talks about activity dependence in Project management….



Activity dependencies can be defined as a logical relationship that exists between two project activities. This tells you how each of your project activities are linked to one another. Understanding Activity dependencies will help project managers to know what comes next after what while executing a project.

Activity dependencies help to shape the sequence of your project activities as you will be able to have a clear picture of how activity flows from the beginning of a project to the end of the project.

activity dependencies

There is one thing that you need to know about Activity dependencies. If you do not understand the sequence at which each of the activities will come, you will not be able to develop an effective project schedule. You may ended up with rework which will definitely increase the cost of your project. Therefore, understanding activity dependencies for your project will help you to monitor what is and what should not be part of your project at the end of the day.

three types of activity dependencies….

#1 Mandatory
These are the kind of activity dependencies that are part of the work itself. You can not exclude it for any reason. Without it, your project cannot be said to have been completed. That means for this kind of tasks, you cannot change when it will occur in your project. Such activities must be performed in a specific sequence for you to get the desired result. This is also known as ” Hard logic” . You have to start a building from the ground up not the other way round. That is a typical example of mandatory dependencies.

#2 Discretionary
These are activities that are defined by the Project Manager and the Project team based on their own discretion. It has to do with best practices that are being followed in some specific fields. This kind of activities are amenable and can be shifted. They are also known as “Soft Logic”.

#3 External
An external dependencies task(s) is dependent on inputs from outside the project activities. This can also be a form of activity that is dependent on performance of an assignment from third parties and contractors. A good example is when you are printing a book . You cannot start printing until you have gotten the shipment of the ream of papers that you requested for.

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