Closer look at account management strategy in CRM

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This article looks at Account management strategy in Project Management….



Account management is one of the standard feature of Sales Force Automation software. The Account Management section of Sales Force Automation is been used to facilitate sales person or sales manager to handle or monitor individual or corporate account by separating account through the issuance of account numbers, you already know where a particular customer fall on the ladder.

Each account, when opened has multiple links to another information that the sales manager or sales person might need when he wants to make sales decision. This might also help in adding business value to the customer as well.

account management strategy

Data generated through account management is meant to work with sales department who has account managers and need corporate information. You should also know that this information is not been used by the sales department alone. There is a central database that is been built where all other front and back offices can connect to.

By connecting to this, they will know how to meet the right time with the correct products and services. This is what customer relationship management is all about.

The existence of sales and account management can also help the organisation to make an accurate sales forecast. They can now look at past sales of their loyal customers and predict, all things been equal, what they are likely to make in sales for a particular year.

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