About Richard Akindele Ajijola (BIOGRAPHY)

Sp. Ap. Pro. Richard Akindele Ajijola


The only son of Mr & Mrs. Theophilus. Renowned farmer in ifou, ose local government of ondo state, Nigeria. Baba was born in 1949 sept 9 and died on 5 Nov,2020.
Richard A.Ajijola was born at Okurun street in IkareAkoko in ondo state, he started his elementary education at sainta George’s Primary school oke-agbe in Akoko ondo state, he later proceeded to Saint Thomas primary School at Oginmolkare,
R.A.Ajijola was admitted into saint Alhanasius secondary modern school, after which he was enlisted into the Nigeria Army and served during the civil war.

He later resigned from the Nigeria Army after twelve years owing to the Divine calling.
He joined Leadway Assurance Company and worked at Underwriting department.
R.A.Ajijola was called into prophet Ministry and was ordained Prophet in May 1982 in Kaduna National Headquarters, of the C.S.M.C. He has served in many of C.S.M.C Branches as a prophet: Birni Kebbi, Nassarawa Burukulu in sokoto state, Lokoja in Kogi state to mention but few.
He was later directed through the Divine message to come to Abuja in the year 1989 R.A.Ajijola has been the leader in Charge of C.S.M.C/Irapada since the inception of the Church in 1994.
Baba likes this song all the time K&S 181 “igbajesu bade lati pin ere naa”


Ajijola is married to Esther Ajijola and they are bless with 6 children and 5 grandchildren . Proverb 22 : 29 , they are ….

Children’s Names;

Yemi Oworu Ajijola
Isreal Ajijola
Sanya Ajijola
Gbenga Ajijola
Paul Ajijola
Elijah Ajijola,

Grandchildren’s names:



Children’s Comments and Viewers

(Julius Oyeley) church chiore master


Baba PA, Sp/ Ap/ Pro. R.A Ajijola, is a great man, a good Bible teacher, baba is a very simple person what ever you told baba he will tell you is okay, right from 1997 that I joined his church I never meet baba in a bad place before, until his deaths carried everybody along, he did many prayers for and my family’s .I remember that Wednesday before he died, I was with him in the church together with Mr dairo, and Mr Dele Ahmed, we were playing with him, unknown to us that that’s is the last of seen him, by the midnight, around 2:45am when Elijah call me and say Baba is not breathing again, I quickly call Mr Dele to check on him and rush him to the hospital, but that the end of baba, may his soul rest in peace, Amen

(Gbanga Ajijola) Son

If I start writing or talking about my father, this page won’t contain it. He was a true man of God. A man that lived heaven on earth while he was here. All he was after was the kingdom of God. A committed servant, a worthy steward, a good shepherd, a teacher, a preacher, a counselor, a prophet, a pastor, a caring father, a loving husband full of wisdom. My father was my mentor, I knew Christ through him from childhood, he taught me d word of God and how to live by d word. His death was a big blow to me and d entire Akindele family. But who are we to question God. The Bible says “the Lord give and the Lord take”. I strongly believe that he is at d right hand of God because though he wasn’t perfect but he strives and at d end of his life.


I saw perfection in him. RICHARD AKINDELE AJIJOLA though your body is dead but I know your spirit lives on. I remember each Sunday when ever I want to chose the hymnal song I usually chose his favorite songs for recessional hymn and I watched him dancing and singing d song joyfully and here is one of his favorite lines. “ka sotito ninu Ilana re, kasa ipawa gbogbo, bi okan wa koba dawa lebi ao nisimi Ogo” am very sure he has a glorious rest in God’s right hand already. Daddy you wife miss u, your children miss u, the church miss u. I miss you. I promise to keep everything u taught me at heart and to fulfill your desire before your call to glory. May your gentle soul find rest on to glory till we meet at our saviors feet. Love you even in death.


I have a lot to say about my father in law. He was not only my father in law but he was my father. He showed me love that even my biological father did not show me. My well being and happiness matters to him a lot. I became closer to God because of his teachings and way of life. A true man of God. He considers others before himself, worldly possessions doesn’t matter to him. My husband call him my boyfriend because of his Care and love towards me. My sorrow is that u didn’t see my child but I know your wish for me before ur departure will come through soon. Am happy because I was with u at your last hour, minutes, even second before God called u. Am also happy I met your family, a godly family, a peaceful family. You taught us all the fear of God and how to be contented with what we have. I learnt a lot from u and words can’t express it all.. May your soul rest in peace daddy. May the good Lord console the entire family mostly the beautiful wife “Our mother ” u left behind. Till we meet to part no more. I Love you

(Elijah Ajijola)Son

Daddy of all that is what you are, i am still in deep pain right now, but one thing that takes my mind off your demise is that, i am very sure you are now one of the angel of God. I want you as my father in my next world. My backbone i will forever love you Daddy mi

(Biola Lawal) church member

Baba Ajijola was a great man he made me understand what we call Christian, wen my brother call me from Abuja that Baba is death, my reply to him was, are you sleeping or you smoke, because I did not believe on till I saw people post on social media, we have lost a great man in C.S.M.C because Baba Ajijola was the real definition of man of God, may Baba soul rest in pace (AMEN)



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