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About Olaniyan Olayemi Olabisi Popularly Known As Olayemi


My name is Olaniyan Olayemi Olabisi am from erinjiyan ekiti aromoko am 27yrs old am a Christian I was born and brought up in ibadan yemetu ibadan my primary school at Paul Anglican school my secondary school ikolaba high 🏫 agodi g.r.a ibadan .
Graduated from Emmanuel alayande college of education oyo study economic social studies,
Further to university ibadan but not yet because of covid19.
I start my music career from my teenager age anytime we are going to our church camp with my grandma the name of the church is Christ Gospel mission I just be sing praise and worship and peoples will be like this small girl singing like this so I joined children choir in church and sister iyanu is our choir Master then so after many years that my Dad move to his new house I and grandma need to go and be staying with them,
So God so much love me and he use music to be a easiest thing for me to be doing when we move to my Dad new house we can’t be going to CGM again Christ Gospel mission because of transport fare So we are going to the church nearby my Dad house So getting there it’s new church because the area is a new site Our pastor wife pastor Mrs adetona is our choir Master So anytime we go for choir practice I always lead the choir from there my pastor wife use me as choir Master And others churches do invite me to come and sing for them at times they will invite our church choir which I be the one to lead the choir Yeah yeah this is how I started composing song .
That day I was the one alone in my room I feel like someone else is with me and the person is singing into my ears immediately I took pen and paper written it down the title of the song is stay with me but I haven’t drop it which am working towards it so after I finished written it I sing the song to my brother omokinde and he was like my sister this is lovely so am happy At time my mood tells a lot of composing song After I compose stay with me and there’s one song the title is lord am nothing without you I will also drop that too have composed many songs but gospel songs and love songs Yeah this is koko

Concerning this song I drop that the title is Ife wa adun which was written and composed by me,I and my my man we had misunderstanding then so have all my possible best to beg him but he refused to accept my apologies so that very day I was alone I cm from office am planning to rest little before going out so I stroll on his picture that day so I was like my baby Ife wa adun our love gonna sweet So I started writing this inside one of my diary So later I decided to drop the music because many of my friends are complaining that Olayemi what your problem you will be composing song without do anyone out do one let us listening to your voice don’t kill your talent

So aroun June 2020 I pick up my phone and call my friend,my producer I said Adizzy I want to do this my song and I want to feature him I meet Adizzy at tantalizers when I was working with tantalizers as cashier he came with his colleagues to come and advertise the Nestle’s water because he’s working with them then but fortunately my boss wasn’t around So he collected my number that he want to be reminding me to help him deliver their msg to my boss So from then we started talking and we became friends Around June that I said earlier that I called him about the song he said it’s nice that I should choose any day he said any day I choose is okay by him, The funniest part is part anytime I choose any day that we will go to studio something always came up that I will not be able to show up again, And he be calling me that Olayemi what happened to you I didn’t see you again,
So on the 17th of July 2020 I just call him that Adizzy we are meeting tomorrow get me studio that I will use and he’s also a singer and producer he said no problem that we will meet on the 18th,The studio is at apata, King lekzy studio is the name of the studio, To my surprise many peoples love the music .

I have a friend call lawal sodiq biola he was born in ibadan he’s a traffic officer in Lagos State traffic management lastma, Abiola lawal is my secondary school mate in ikolaba high which didn’t use to talk then but when we left school we became my closet padi we gist together we rub mind together …hmmmm Abiola he’s my adviser he will be like Olayemi do it like this don’t do like that and I listen to him I want to use this medium to appreciate him for his love towards may God bless whatever he lay his hands on will be successful .

Frequently Asked Questions From Fans …

Cneez : What are the challenges you’ve pass through in this music industry
Olayemi : The only challenges I could say I pass through is money challenges because all my efforts to record my song some months ago is vain but when God stand up with me I see the easily
Cneez : Have you come across any fan you love so much ?
Olayemi : Yes he’s my number fans we meet on Facebook his name is Dr Ademola and he’s the first person that lunch my music IFE by transfer money into my account which I so much appreciate him a lot he pray for in many occasions and I pray God will answer his own secret prayers too
Cneez: How do you react when a fan praise you in the public
Olayemi : Wow…I welcome then with smile and love because without them there will not be Olayemi
Cneez : How did you come about your producer
Olayemi : I meet my producer when I was working with tantalizers as cashier and he came to market the water company he’s working with then Nestle’s water he wanted to see my boss then but fortunately my boss is not around so collected my number for him to be reminding me on it so along the lines we bacame friends with his dressing I know he’s an hip-hop artist That’s when we start working together