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Web analytics can be seen as the process of analyzing websites in order to see the true state of things. I have talked much about web analytics in my previous article. I have also looked at some of the tools that can be used to analyse web analytics for any website. In this article, I want to look nine best practices that must be considered when one is looking at  best web analytics. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.

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Set first party cookies as part of your best web analytics strategy

In my previous article, I have talked about cookies.  which helps you to monitor visitors’ activities on your website. You need to set first party cookies for your website .Setting it up assist you in monitoring monitor what is happening on your website .  This can be done without linking up to third party website. Every of your monitoring activities should only be found on your server.


Tag all web pages

in order to achieve the best web analytics results, there is the need for you to tag all pages on your website.  This will help you to monitor every activity on that web page. Tagging a page is just like putting a piece of code that allow you to monitor the number of time that page is been opened. This also help you to monitor conversion rate attached to that particular website.


 Avoid redirect in web analytics

There is the need for you to avoid web analytics tool that works with redirect. It is not that you cannot use third party software , but it has to be installed on your website . .It must be able to work independently on your website.. Also note that too much of redirects is likely to slow that the loading time of your website.


 JavaScript tag

Just like cookies, there is the need for you to place JavaScript tag at the end of your webpage. This will allow you to monitor every activity happening on that particular page. It will monitor the number of visitors and visits to that particular webpage.


 Do not disturb

There is the need for you to take caution when you are placing the tag at the end of your web page. You must ensure that the tag you are placing did not affect the functionality of Do not disturb
While working towards your goals of having best web analytics, there is the need for you to take caution when you are placing the tag at the end of your web page. You are to make sure that the tag you are placing did not affect the functionality of your web page. It must not in any way slow down the loading time of your web page among others.


Track media usage as part of best web analytics tool

There is the need for you to also track the rich media usage of your website. A good website must not be a combination of texts alone. It must be mixed with image, audio and video files among others. You need to track the response of your audience to these files as well. You must know how these files are contributing to the average time that users are spending on your website.


 Unique identifiers

There is the need for you to place unique codes on pages that you want to specially monitor. You may have a landing page or a PDF file that you want your users to download. You want to monitor how users are interacting with such pages. You might decide to place unique code on that particular page in order to monitor it, different from other pages on the website.

 Reference maker as part of best web analytics tricks

At times when you have a page that have different link, you might want to place reference maker on those link in order to know which is which. At times, people make use of url shortener for such purpose. Some make use of Bitly to uniquely identify pages and trace how many people have clicked on those links.

Part of best web analytics is to validate previous data

In looking at best web analytics that provides best results, you need to validate previous data you have generated. Before you release any new page on your website, you need to take note of lessons that you have learned from previous analytics experience. You have to be sure that you are not reinventing the wheel. If there is any element that always discourage user on your website, there is no need to reintroduce that in your new page.



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