9 tips for increasing success rate of email campaigns

increasing success rate of email campaigns


If you are a Digital Marketer in any organisation, one of the major concerns that you are going to have is how you can increase open rate of your email campaign. It is a known fact that we want to engage our potential customers. We want them to see the content that we are trying to send to them. If your email campaign is not engaging. The message might end up in a spam box. In this article, I want to show us how to send emails that convert. Follow me as we look at that in this article.

increasing success rate


#1: build targeted lists

In running a successful email campaign, there is the need for you to have a separate list for different categories of customers. If you don’t do that, you may be sending unwanted messages to those that do not need it. In order to have an effective drip campaign, try and divide your customers or prospects into different groups.


#2: Don’t wait. Automate

Another way of increasing success rate of email marketing campaign is to automate the whole process. You can do this successfully by thinking ahead. You need to know the type of customers or prospect that you are trying to attract. You must know what will be of interest to them. This will assist you in coming up with Drip programs in order to retain them for life.


#3: Personalise

Another way that you can increase open rate of your email targeted campaign is to personalise the message. You have to include the name of the subscriber in order to show some sense of familiarity. It has been confirmed that a large percentage of people will open email addresses that have their name as part of the headline. This can be achieved by combining CRM software with email marketing software. Give it a try and you will see the amazing result.


#4: mobile responsiveness

One other factor that can improve the success of your email campaigns is to have a mobile responsive email marketing platform. This becomes necessary because most people will be viewing your campaign from their mobile phone. You need to be sure that your campaign can adjust itself to fit in, into that screen. It is very important.


#5: catchy headline

Another important thing to note is that what will determine whether a recipient will open your campaign and read or not is the type of the headline you use. There is the need for you to adopt a catchy headline that tantalises your audience. There are times that some people had good messages but they make use of poor headlines. You should learn to use a headline that arose prospect interest.


#6: day and time

Another important thing to know about increasing success rate of email campaigns is to know the time to send mail. When you send your mail at the wrong time, it may end up in spam folders. You need to know the time that your users are online so that they will see your mail. Without that, you may not be able to send an email that converts.


#7: Address  is important

One thing is paramount when you are about to carry out email marketing, you need to include your physical address. Putting your address on your email marketing campaign will boost the confidence of your target audience in the messages that you are trying to pass across to them. This will greatly help you to turn leads to customers.


#8: Test before you send

There is the need for you to closely cross-examine the message that you are trying to pass across to your target audience. There must be no error. You have to be sure there is no grammatical error. This also includes making sure that all included links are working before they are sent out.


#9: Analyse your result

One other component that you should not joke with is, carrying out a proper analysis of your campaigns. You have to look at the campaigns that you have carried out in the past and see where you have gotten it wrong. Looking at the result of your past campaign will allow you to do the necessary adjustment in order to perform better next time.


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