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9 Subsidiary Management Plans For Projects


Discovering the nine subsidiary management plans in Project management…


Project management plans are a group of plans and blueprints that covers a different aspect of a project that a project manager has put in place in order to guarantee the success of his project implementation.
In my previous article on this subject matter, I have looked at the first part of subsidiary management plans such as scope management plan, requirement management plan, schedule management plan, cost management plan as well as a quality management plan. Follow me as we look at the rest of these subsidiary management plans together.


#1 Process improvement plans

One other subsidiary plans that we have as part of project management plans for managing project is Process improvement plan. This document explains the steps for analyzing processes so as to identify activities that enhance the value of a project.

You cannot be doing things the same way and be expecting a different result. Process improvement plan helps you to analyse the way you have been executing your project. You are able to analyse processes that can be taken away or improved upon in order to get better at what you do.


#2 Human resource plan
Another subsidiary plans that forms part of project management plans that you should be aware of is a human resource plan. This part of subsidiary plans helps you to define resources that are required for a project such as how the required resources for a project will be defined, staffed, managed, controlled and eventually released.
You will be able to look at the project critically and ask yourself some fundamental questions. Do you have all the resources that you need for the project? Do they need any special training in order to execute the project successfully?9 Subsidiary Management Plans For Projects
Do you need to bring in Subject Matter Expert from outside the organisation? You also have to adopt the same human resource policy that the organisation uses. All these are necessary in order to execute the project successfully.
#3 Communication management plan
Another aspect of subsidiary plans is a communication management plan. I have said it repeatedly that a Project Manager uses ninety percent of his time communicating with stakeholders.
A project manager must be able to document how he will communicate with stakeholders. This includes the identification of who the stakeholders are, what you need to involve them in as well as the frequency of communication with such stakeholders.


#4 Risk management plan

A risk management plan under subsidiary plans describes how risk management is structured and performed on the project.

As a good Project Manager, you need to identify risks that you are likely to face while executing a project. The risk can be in three levels such as low, medium and high risks.
There are some risks that if you envisage them, you are likely not to continue with the project. You can also turn some risks in the project to your own advantage.


#5 Procurement management plan

When looking at subsidiary plans, there are some projects that you will need third parties to supply one item or the other before it can be completed.

Procurement management as part of the subsidiary plans is a document that dictates the procedures involving third parties/ contractors in your project. This will also state the qualities and conditions that must be met before a particular bidder can be considered for a project.


#6 Scope management plans
The scope management plans as part of subsidiary management plans provide guidance on how the project scope will be defined in a project. It also covers documentation, verification, management as well as control of a project. Through a scope management plan, you will be able to know what should and what should not be part of a project. You can also be able to make an adjustment where necessary as the project moves on.
 #7 Requirement management plans
The requirements management plans as part of subsidiary management plans explain how the requirements of a project will be analysed, documented, and management throughout the project. 
In executing a project, you need to know what you need in order to achieve the objectives of your project. This will help you to know whether you have all that it requires to achieve the laudable objectives of your project.
#8 Schedule management plans
Schedule management plans as part of subsidiary management plans describe the scheduling methodology. It shows the tools that will be used for your schedule. It also shows the format as well as the established criteria for developing and controlling the project schedule.

Schedule management as part of subsidiary management plans has to do with the timing that different activities will occur in your project. Aside from fixing time, you need to make sure that each of the activities is happening at the time that they supposed to happen in your project.


#9 Cost management plans
The cost management plan as part of subsidiary management plans explains the format and establishes the criteria for planning, structuring, estimating and controlling the cost of your project.

You will be able to know how much each of the activities in your project costs. It will open your eyes to alternatives that are open to you as far as project execution is concerned as well as means of generating funds for project execution.



#10 Quality management plans
The Quality management plan as part of the subsidiary management plans describes how the performing organisation’s quality policy will be implemented by the project management team throughout the project.


It is one thing for the project team to execute a wonderful project, it is another thing to follow procedures in order to achieve quality specification. Quality management is been put in place so as to ensure that quality is been achieved according to the specification of stakeholders in the project.

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