9 good reasons why you need SEO

Here are the reasons why you need SEO…..




SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It has to do with following best practises in order to increase your chances of having your page indexed in Search Engines. Could you believe that in the 20th Century, it is still difficult to convince most organisation that they need SEO? Some Content Developers and business owners still see spending on optimisation of their web pages and contents as a waste of money. I believe that by the time you are through reading through this article, that perception has to change.

In this article, I want to painstakingly take you through nine major reasons why you should take Search Engine Optimization serious. By the time you are through with this article, you will tell whether you still need it or not.

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One of the main reason why you need SEO is visibility of your website beyond your immediate environment. It will allow more people to see your website. Gone are those days that people will just discover your website somehow. You need to optimise your website in order to reach out to potential customers for your products and services.


Another reason why you need SEO is for traffic to your website.


When you properly apply traffic to your website, you are going to drive unimaginable traffic to your website. This will allow more people to view your contents and drive more people to your website.

SEO can boost ROI
Traffic will also increase your Return On Investment. I believe you have spent money creating your website, you are expecting to make some money in return. If you do not take SEO of your site serious, this might remain a pipeline dream.

 SEO improves end User value
One other beautiful thing about taking Search Engine Optimization serious for your website is that it will increase end user value for your website. The more you organised your website in order to ensure that users can find what they are looking for, the more end users that you are able to satisfy.

Top rank
SEO can display your website side by side with top ranked websites. Yea. I mean it. It is very possible. I have seen my blog competing side by side with foreign blogs such Quora and other top blogs out there. There are instances where some of my article ranked higher than Quora articles.

SEO can increase brand recognition
You also need to know that working on SEO will help you to improve on your brand recognition. When you are building SEO for your blog or website, you are building your brand. If your online brand is more important to you, then work more on your SEO.

 SEO can bring about Higher sales
One of the beauty of having a good SEO strategy in place is that it will lead to increase sales for such website. Once more traffic is coming to your site through increased visibility. It is definitely going to increase your conversion rate as well.

SEO can be more cheaper
One thing that is very glaring is that SEO is cheaper than paid marketing. Also Search Engine Optimization involve more of using your brain in order to drive more traffic to your website. In paid inclusion, you have to pay for every traffic coming to your website.

SEO increase value of content
Let me tell you this here and now that there is no way you can succeed with SEO without having values and unique contents. When you now have valued contents , you will be able to add more value to your users. This will definitely increase lead conversion for your website.



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