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Here are the nine things you must do when you are selecting a Payment gateway….



In my previous article, I have talked much about payment gateways as well how having a good payment will help in boosting sales as well as lead conversion. In this article, I want to look at some of the steps that you must take when you are selecting payment gateway to use on your website so as to avoid pitfalls. Follow me as we look at some of these together in this article.


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#1 Safety and security is number one when you need to choose payment gateway

One of the very first thing that is clear that no one wants to joke with his or her hard earned money. You should not joke with the security of your customers’ transaction when you are choosing any payment gateway. There is the need for you to be sure that all transactions are encrypted.

You need to buy SSL certificate and be sure that customers only pay for what they have bought and nothing else. This will save you from customers’ attrition and lots of other headaches.

#2 Fraud detention is paramount when you need to choose payment gateway

If there is any other thing that you need to pay attention to when you are selecting payment gateway, you need to select a gateway that can easily detect fraud. It must be able to detect unusual activities and raise alarm. Some can block transactions after the card user failed to provide the right password for transactions.

#3 Branding and customization a must when you need to choose payment gateway

Another element that you need to consider when you are trying to choose payment gateway to use on your website is the ability to customize the payment gateway in such a way that users will not have the feeling that you are borrowing it from third party platform. You must be able to add your logo and other elements that assure your users that they are not taking out of your website to make payments.

#4 Easy integration must be considered when you are selecting payment gateway

Before you make payment for any payment gateway to be used on your website, you need to be sure of easy integration process. I have actually met a lady that promised to engage me on a contract who was working on an e-commerce project. For some months now, they have been stalked because the payment gateway they have already paid for refused to work with the website. You should not fall into this kind of pitfall.

When I asked why they are not abandoning the former payment gateway, I was told they have already paid for it. So pathetic.

#5 Comprehensive merchant interface a must when you are selecting payment gateway

Before you use any payment gateway at all , you need to be sure that it adequately cover all that need to be covered as far as a good payment gateway is concerned. It must be able to save users card information for future purpose without necessarily divulging their information. It must be able to generate receipts that will be issued after payments are been made as well.

#6 Many payment options must be considered when you need to choose payment gateway

A good payment gateway must have the ability to accept many payment options. Users must not be restricted to one way of making payment. This at times can discourage prospects who might be in high spirit to buy products and services from the organization. When there are many options, people will seamlessly make payments and encourage others to buy from you as well.

#7 Hidden cost must be discovered when you need to select payment gateway

One other thing to factor in when you are selecting payment gateway is that users must be able to know what they are charged for. It must be able to show all the description of the charges that are made as well as calculating the total cost of the charges. This will ensure that customers does not feel cheated anytime they are transacting business with the organization.

#8 Withdrawal time a must when you are selecting ….

One other thing that must be factored in when you need to choose the type of content to develop for your site is to have a time limit when users can be logged out after inactivity. This will greatly help to reduce the rate of fraud on the website as well as safeguard all transactions that will be carried out on the website as well.

#9 Technical support must be considered when you are selecting 

Another component of a good payment gateway is that they must have technical support that is readily available. I am an advocate of websites having live chats. Many have wondered why this always come to my mind. It’s because I know that an average web user is impatient. They want quick answer to their questions. More so they have option as far as far their transaction with you is concerned. That is why time matters in Digital marketing.


Much has been said in this article about how you can select a good payment gateway in order to ease payment on your e-commerce website.You should not choose a payment gateway because others are using it. The primary driver for choosing any payment platform is to satisfy your customers and retain them for life.

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