9 Major Evils Attackers Can Do to Wireless Networks Environment

In my previous article, I have tried to look at some of the evils that attackers want to perpetrate on your network. In this article, I want to break it down some more. I will be looking at the nine basic evil that the attacker can perpetrate on their victims’ network. With this, the victim can be on the lookout in order to block these evils from manifesting. Follow me as we look at some of these evil together in this article.


#1 Read emails and instant messages

One of the missions of the attackers on your wireless networks environment is to read your email and instant messages. Most of these messages are confidential information that is not meant to be disclosed to third parties. They are interested in reading these messages. If possible, they want to have access to confidential information with the intent to steal and perpetrate other evils.


#2 Monitoring spirits

Another intention of the attacker is to perform the role of a monitoring spirit on your wireless networks environments. They are interested in monitoring and recording all the websites that their victim visits without his knowledge. This will allow them to steal information and strike when it will pain their victim most. Some of them can also use this medium to post updates on behalf of their victims as well.


#3 copy usernames and passwords

Another intent of attackers on wireless networks is to copy the usernames and passwords of their victims. Some of the attackers make use of keyloggers that are able to record keystrokes of their target victims. Through this, they are able to record the usernames and passwords of their victims. That is why it is very important that you do not use passwords that can be easily guessed by attackers.


It is not advisable to use a name such as admin as your username. Hackers always start their social engineering with the name admin. You should not also use passwords that can be easily guessed by hackers. Your passwords should be a minimum of eight characters. It should consist of numbers and special characters. I will also warn you that you should not write your password down anywhere. Be warned!


#4 view files and spread malware

Another evil mission of the attacker is to have access to your confidential files and spread malware. Some of them want to have access to your computer and have access to your files. They are also interested in spreading malware that will be able to corrupt your files.

That is why I sternly warned you that you should not write your password anywhere. It is also advisable that you have anti-virus on your system. Never mind the cost, make sure you are battle ready with good anti-virus software.


#5 Disclose confidential information

The goal and mission of many hackers and attackers are to create a sense of insecurity. They want you to feel that you are not secured. The funniest part of it is that most of them are doing it for fun. The attacker wants to steal your personal information and use it against you. It is also not advisable to use one password for long.

No matter how secured and uncrackable your password is, you should always have a time that you change it at intervals. Feel free to change your password when you feel your system has been compromised.


#6 Interrupting wireless service

One of the missions of the attacker on a wireless network is to interrupt wireless service. Majority of them are interested in creating commotion in an organisation. They want the organisation to have a sense of insecurity. They are interested in listening to internal conversations and attacking network devices. They want to hold down organisations and disrupt their activities for as many hours or days as possible.


#7 implement unauthorised WLANS

9 Major Evils Attackers Can Do to Wireless Networks Environment

Another mission of the attacker on wireless networks is to implement unauthorized WLANs. They are interested in creating their own rogue SSID through which they are able to attack the network and inject the network with viruses. This will make the wireless network to begin to malfunction. It is also capable of bringing down the entire network as well.


#8 Engaging in spamming activities

One of the major objectives of the attacker of your network device is to use your Internet connection to send unsolicited messages to others. He is ready to perpetrate many illegal activities on your network. That is why you have to try as much as possible to harden your network so that it will not become a tool in the hand of hackers.


#9: slow down network connection

When rogue network activities are being introduced to your network, it will definitely slow down the network. The network will slow down because there are many unseen activities going on, on the network that are consuming the bandwidth. This might not be seen until you make use of network analyser to analyse the activities going on, in your network. There is a need for you to stop all illegal activities that are not initiated by you.


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