9 ways of boosting off site optimization for websites

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Here are the ways of boosting off site optimization for websites….




In my previous article, I have talked about the concept of on-site optimization for blogs . I have said it that they have to do with how you manipulate element on your blog in order to boost web traffic. In this article, I want to talk about how you can boost off site optimization for blogs. Follow me as we look at that together in this article. 


Off site optimization has to do with the process of building internal link to the pages of a website using external techniques and leveraging social tools to increase website’s traffic and search engine ranking.

There are many ways by which you can use external techniques to boost website traffic. I will talk about nine of them in this article.


Supplier, customer and friends are there to help

One of the ways of boosting off site optimization is to tell family and friends about the existence of your website. In many organisations, when you have any business transaction with them. You will to visit their website to do one thing or the other.

This will surely increase website traffic.


Nothing improves off page optimization like Blog posting and commenting

This is another means of boosting website traffic to a blog. When you update your website with new contents or you post or comment on other people blog leaving your website address, it can be a means of directing traffic back to your blog. You have to ensure that your comment is indept and reasonable for it to attract return traffic.


Press releases can take you to the front page

This is another means of driving traffic back to your blog. You can forced people to visit your blog when you release news that tells people about latest happenings in your organisation. It will definitely force people to visit your blog or website.

Reciprocal link exchanges should be used wisely

One other Off-page optimization that you can engage in for your blog is to engage in reciprocal link exchange. You can link up with influencers in your niche both online and offline in order to encourage them to link up with your blog. Just reach out to them and build relationship with them.
 off site optimization
Some do review articles written by Influencers as well in order to attract attention from them.


Social Bookmarking is a killer trick for off site optimization

One other means of promoting your website is to promote your social media links. At times, you need to include these social media platforms on your complimentary cards in order to let your prospects and customers know how they can follow you on social media. This will have positive impacts on your website on the long run.

 RSS fields

This is another means of promoting your website. Under this arrangement, your customers and visitors can subscribe to your RSS field using service such as Feedburner to follow up on your blog. Through this, they can easily follow up on your blog.


Directory Submission can skyrocket your off site optimization

Another off-page optimization techniques that can be adopted for blog is the use of Directories submission where you register your business with online business community. When you register for Google My Business and other platform, it can help you to improve your online business presence and boost traffic to your blog.


Forum Posting can increase off site optimization

Another way of boosting off site optimization for your blog is through Forum Posting. When you post on forum such as Nairaland or you make meaningful contribution to what is being posted, it has the tendency of increasing traffic to your website. There are website like Autojosh on Nairaland that have used Forum posting to increase traffic to their blog.


 Social Media reach

One of the factors that will determine your off site optimization is the number of followers that you have on your social media channels. This will go a long way in determining the amount of traffic that you enjoy on your website. Let’s imagine you have 120,000 likes on your Facebook page, it will definitely increase the traffic to your blog.



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