8 Ways of Avoiding Mobile Device theft

8 Ways of Avoiding Mobile Device theft


Mobile device theft seems to be increasing day by day. There are many instances that have made many people lose their mobile phones. This has attendant effects such as loss of important data, contacts, messages, images, videos and other important data stored on the phone.


In this article, I want to talk about some of the proven tactics that be followed to avoid mobile device theft. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.

Mobile device theft


#1 Avoid lending

One of the ways of avoiding mobile device theft is that you should not lend your phone to anyone. When you borrow people your phone, they might be careless with it. It is also possible for these people to have access to confidential information on your phone.


#2 No talking while Driving

There are some Driver’s that are fund of talking while driving. This is a very bad habit that can make you lose your phone. I have seen instances where phones were snatched while commuters are in traffic. If you keep your phone well, you will avoid a situation where your mobile phone can be snatched while you are driving.


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#3 Leaving handset in vehicle

Another warning that you have to follow is that you must not leave your handset behind on your vehicles. It is very possible that such cars would have been burgled before the owners return to their cars. That is why you should always move around with your handsets.


#4 Unattended to

It is also very common to see some people leaving their phones unattended to. At times, some people have to flash their mobile phones before they will remember the last place that they dropped their phone. This is a clear invitation to thieves to come and steal your phone.


#5 Use Pin Code

One of the practice to safeguard your mobile device is to make use of pin codes. You have to make sure that you did not write the pin anywhere. It must also be difficult for your friends or relative to guess what your pin code is.


#6: Turn off the ringer

If there is one thing that is common to me, I hardly allow my phones to ring out. I do not know the reason why I am doing that but I knew that it has saved me from diverting unnecessary attention to myself. You can put your phone in vibration or silence it in order to shift attention away from yourself.


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#7 Don’t walk and text

Another way of avoiding mobile device theft is to avoid walking and texting while you are on the road. Someone can easily snatch your phone of you are fond of doing this. You can also be hit by a reckless driver as well.


#8 Record IMEI

There is a need for you to record your IMEI number which is commonly known as the serial number of your phone. The IMEI number can be useful as it can be used to block unauthorized access to your phone. You can also use it to recover your mobile phone after it has been stolen.



Here are the steps for you to take if your phone is been stolen…


  • Use anti-theft software to remotely wipe the data and make the device unusable.
  • Inform the police and file the First Information Report (FIR). This is where I have a problem with the Nigeria Police. I knew Police Station in Nigeria where you have to pay a gate fee to enter Police Station. You will also pay close to three thousand naira to file a report that you have lost your phone.


  • You have to contact the service provider to block your sim card. This is very important if your mobile number is connected to your bank account. Another issue is that for the most service provider in Nigeria, you need some expertise to reach their customer service because they have deployed Interactive Voice Response. Just take the pain of walking down to their office directly. It worths it.


  • Claim the mobile phone insurance to replace the cost of the handset.


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