7 implications of poorly managed projects

poorly managed projects

In my previous article, I have looked at some of the benefits of adopting best practises when managing any project in any organisation.


The way these projects are managed will go a long way in showing whether such a project will succeed or not. In this article, I want to look at some of the reasons for poorly managed projects in any organisation.


I also want to look at how these can jeopardize the effort of the organisation.


7 implications of poorly managed projects

#1 Missed deadlines

Firstly, a poorly managed project will always lead to missing deadlines. When times are not set to dictate when each activity on a project will be carried out. It will lead to a situation where every team members feel they can carry out project tasks at any time.


This will lead to a situation where the organisation will spend more on a project. At the end of the day, the project might become an abandoned project.

#2 Cost overruns

Another visible evidence of poorly managed projects is that it will lead to cost overrun. Since there is no basic cost baseline guiding the project, the Project Manager will end up spending more than what is budgeted for each task.


This will lead to a situation where project objectives are not achieved at the end of the day.


#3 Poor Quality

One other factor that can result from poorly managed projects is that it will result in poorly delivered projects. If the Project managers fail to manage all the constraints of the project, he might end up not achieving his project goals.


A good Project Manager must know how to manage all the constraints in order to be sure that stakeholders are satisfied at the end of the day.


#4 Rework

One thing that is also common about poorly managed project task it that it might lead to rework. When the activities of team members are not well monitored, it might lead to a situation where deliverables do not meet the required standards or quality is been compromised.


You should note that in Project Management, the output of one phase is input into the next phase of the project. This might make the Project Manager repeat the same task over and over again due to errors.


#5 Uncontrolled expansion of work

Another problem with unmanaged projects is that it will lead to an uncontrolled expansion of works. If there are no basic guidelines guiding a project, it will lead to scope.



This is a situation where more features are added to the scope of a project without a corresponding increase in the cost of that project. There is always a Change Control Board in a standardized project to accept or reject changes to project scopes.


#6 Unsatisfied stakeholders

You should also know that having an unsatisfied will also lead to an increase in the number of unsatisfied customers and stakeholders. If you do not plan your project, it will be very difficult to meet the need of project stakeholders. When you are not able to meet the need of stakeholders, they will not be satisfied with the outcome of your project.


#7 Failures

There are bound to be failures for any organisation that fails to manage projects in a professional manner. If an organisation do not have a way of gathering requirements and making sure that changes to projects are well managed so as not to escalate the scope of the project. It will lead to a situation where the funds available will not be enough to deliver such a project successfully.



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