Outputs of Engage Value Chain Activity

Introducing some of the Outputs of Engage Value Chain Activity in ITIL 4



Engage value chain activity is one of the activities that organisations have to embark on when it comes to implementing an IT solution. This value chain process ensures that organisations are able to communicate effectively with stakeholders when it comes to value co-creation in ITIL 4. In this article, I want to look at eight major outputs of the Engage Value chain activities. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.

8 Outputs of Engage Value Chain Activity in ITIL 4


Now the outputs…

#1 Third parties Services

The first output of this value chain activity is that it will give the IT Manager adequate knowledge about third-party services needed for the project. He will be able to collaborate with suppliers and partners in order to know what they have to offer as far as the products and services component of the project is concerned.


#2 Performance Information as part of Engage Value Chain activity

This aspect of the value chain activity will also allow the IT Manager to engage the Service and Support Department to review the service performance information and support from customer-facing employees. This will afford him the opportunity to look at some of the challenges they have been facing. It will also give the opportunity to work with decision makers in the organisation in order to address some of these challenges. 


#3 Improvement Initiatives as part of Engage Value Chain activity

Another major aspect of the Engage value Chain is the production of improvement initiatives which has to come from the Improve team. They are expected to analyse the whole scenario based on how the system has worked in the past and come up with measures and recommendations that will suggest what need to be done in order for the system to perform better.

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#4 Improvement status report

One other aspect of these activities is the reception of the improvement status report from the Improve team. They have to submit a report on how far they have gone in terms of implementation of some of the improvement activities. This will allow all stakeholders to analyse the progress of all these activities and agree on the way forward for the organisation. 


#5  Consolidated Demands

Another major output of this value chain activity is the production of consolidated demands for the planning team. That means the team has been able to consult with stakeholders both within and outside the organisation. They have now codified all their demands together in one document. This allows the build team to have a document that they can use in developing the preferred solution. 


#6 Products and Service requirement

Another output of the Engage Value Chain Activity is the production of product and service requirements. This vital document which must be created in line with what customers and stakeholders want should have all the required specifications that will allow the final products to be acceptable to all stakeholders. This will also guide the organisation when they need to award any aspect of the project to contractors.  


#7 User Support tasks

Another output of this value chain activity is the design and documentation of user support tasks for Delivery and Support team. The IT Manager has to itemize some of the roles that the front desk team that will be assisting customers when they have challenges with using the solutions. They have to know what to do when customers ran into issues. The Front Desk staffs also need to know when they need to pass some of these challenges and enquiries to the appropriate quarter.


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#8 Improvement Opportunities

Another aspect of the value chain activity is the production of improvement opportunities documents which will be based on the feedbacks that organisation have gotten from customers. They have to analyse some of these feedbacks based on the range of the complaints and decide on what can be fixed now or at a future date.  You should note that the use of customers feedback in product development will also them to have a sense of belonging and give you necessary support towards the success of the initiative.


#9 Change or Project requests

Another major output of this stage of customer value activities is the project initiation request. This can be a modification to an existing solution or introduction of a new solution entirely. It also signals the official commencement of the production of the proposed solution. Please note that doing this at this stage will allow stakeholders to monitor the project from inception to delivery.


#10 Contracts and Agreements

The next thing is the signing of agreements and contracts with both internal and external stakeholders and contractors. This is a vital stage in the whole implementation process. The IT Manager and the Engage team have to make sure that whatever Service Level Agreements they are going to reach with contractors and suppliers reflects the wishing of customers. This will assist them in adding values to the end users. 


#11 Third Party Service

Another output of this Value Chain Activity has to do with knowledge about third-party services for all value chain activities. You have to holistically look at your organisation and see which of the departments will need assistance from third parties in order to perform better. You have to identify the various services that are needed. That does not mean you should know how those activities will be performed but you should be knowledgeable to decide on what to do at any given time.

#12 Service Performance Report

On a final note, the organisation must be transparent enough in order to get buy-in from customers. They have to notify customers about various steps that they are taking in order to serve them better. That is why they must present Service Performance Reports that details some of the activities that the organisation has embarked upon in order to serve better. They should also notify customers on what they should expect from the organisation in the nearest future. 


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