8 Mouse navigation tips in Microsoft Excel

Here are some mouse navigation tips in Microsoft Excel…

Here are some of the mouse navigation tips that will help you work like a master when you are using Microsoft Excel.

Enjoy. When you understand some of this mouse navigation tips, you will be able to save a lot of time and improve your performance with Microsoft Excel.


This is also a pointer to whether you are an expert in Microsoft Excel or not.

As with many Microsoft Office applications, Excel 2013 provides you with a number of options for performing the same task.
This is no different for navigating your worksheets and workbooks. One of the most basic methods you will use to navigate your workbooks and worksheet is to make use of your mouse. 

The navigation tips…
#1 select a particular cell
Select the desired cell in order to make this work. Just move your mouse to a cell that you want to cell and click on that cell.

mouse navigation tips
#2 select a range of cells
Also, when you need to select a range of cell, you need to just click and drag to select the desired range of cells.

#3 move the worksheet to display up or down by a single arrow
If you trying to move the worksheet display up or by a single row in order to have a better view,  you just need to select one of the vertical scroll arrows.

Here are more navigational tools…..

#4 move the worksheet to display up or down by a single column
All you need to do is to select one of the horizontal scroll arrows in order to get it done. 
#5 move the worksheet to display more than one row or column at a time
You need to click and drag the vertical or horizontal scroll-bars to the desired view that you want.

move the worksheet to display one sheet at a time
On the vertical scrollbar, select the area between the scroll bar and the desired direction’s scroll arrow.

display a different worksheet
Furthermore, when you want to display a different worksheet. you need to select the desired worksheet tab along the bottom of the workbook window. 

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