8 major stages of Internet marketing planning

There is a saying that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. The same thing applies to Digital Marketing. It is a project and you need to adequately plan in order to ensure that you are making the right decision as you move along the way.

In Internet marketing, you are trying to reach your targetaudience with the right message. The way this is being handled will determinethe level of success that you are going to achieve. In this article, I want totell us the eight major steps that you need to take when you are embarking oninternet marketing planning. Follow me as we look at these steps together inthis article.

#1 Determine corporate business strategy

When you are about to carry out internet marketing, the very first thing is to know what you plan to achieve. Without it, you will not even know when you have achieved it. Beside you must have a strategy that is already mapped out in order to achieve your goals.

internet marketing planning

Corporate Business strategy refers to interrelationshipbetween different departments in the organisation. It has to do with how thedifferent parts of the organisation work together in order to achieve thebusiness objectives. At times. There may be need for the organisation toreadjust its modus operandi in order to achieve their desired goals.

Corporate business strategy also has to do with how different departments in the organisation will hit the market. The burdens of Digital Marketing rests on the front offices. They have to adequately plan how they will penetrate this market independently and interdependently in order to achieve the desired results.

#2 Evaluating market and customers need

One other fact that you need to know is that no matter how beautiful your products and services are, customers and prospects will not buy unless it meets their needs. That is why organisation needs to find out what customers are actually looking for. Knowing this will help you plan how you can hit the market.

To do this successfully, you have to collect as many online and offline data as possible.  This will allow you to understand the market and how customers have reacted in the past to your offers and promotions. It will allow you to know the right products and services to offer to your targeted markets.

#3 Organising data in orderly manner

There is the need for you to organise your data in anorderly manner. You need to divide those data according to the departments thatthey fall into. There are some that might be for marketing, sales and customerservices departments. When they are properly organised, they will assist theorganisation to retain customers and plan their Digital Marketing strategies.

#4 Developing marketing strategies

Another step to take is to develop marketing strategies based on the data that you have. You will need to analyse the data you have and make sure that whatever you plan to develop is based on what you have developed in the process of your research.

#5 Determine customer experience

From the result of your online and offline data analysis, you need to know what customers and prospects alike are expecting. There is the concept of brand promise which has to do with what customers are expecting from you. Brand promise is what you promised customers will get from their interaction with the organisation. If you really want to retain online customers, you have to be sure you are delivering on your brand promise.

#6 Preparing the information

There is the need for you to prepare the information about the new expectations. This must be prepared in form of engaging contents that can be read and understood by your teeming audience. There is the need for you to be sure that you and your audience are on the same page as far as their expectations from the organisation is concerned.

#7 Plan the marketing program

There is the need for you to plan the marketing program so that you can deliver the desired value to your customers. This must be in line with the brand promise that you have promised your customers.

You need to engage the front offices and assign them roles that they need to perform in order to achieve the corporate organisational objectives. The various departments need not work as rivals but as partners in progress in order to achieve corporate goals.

#8 Evaluating the results

After you might have planned andexecute your marketing campaigns, there is the need for you to evaluate theresult against what you have planned. This must be done on quarterly basis orset interval in order to take appropriate measures to define goals. Doing thiswill ensure that appropriate measures are taken to correct your strategies whenthey fall below the required standard.

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