8 Major Limitations Of Internet Marketing

8 Major Limitations Of Internet Marketing


There are sayings that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This is not different when it comes to internet marketing. In this article, I will be showing you some of the Limitations of internet marketing that you need to know.


Knowing some of these limitations will help you to know what is and what is not possible when you are planning to penetrate the airspace.

Major Limitations of internet marketing

Here are some of the major Limitations of internet marketing that you need to know as you are launching out.


#1 Some cannot be reached

First and foremost, you need to know that it is not all customers that can be reached through social media or Google.


Your online marketing or entire Digital Marketing planning should be a combination of digital marketing and traditional marketing in order to achieve effective results.


#2 Security

Also, it is not possible for any website to guarantee 100 percent security for customers. The site owner can only try to ensure that customers feel safe online. It is a known fact that there is no website that cannot be hacked. You just have to keep improving on-site security.


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#3 Illegal promotion

Most at times, it is always difficult to follow best practices when it comes to reaching the target audience.


Most online marketers’ are always tempted to break rules in order to get the best result.


Social Media CEOs have come up with rules that are meant to restrict you, at times you might be forced to break rules in order to have better results.


I have had to buy a page created with fake celebrity names in order to reach a large audience. This is largely because my own page is not yielding better results.


#4 Feeling of isolation

At times, when businesses rely on internet marketing alone, it may create a sense of isolation in the mind of our Target audience. At times, this method does not give room for feedback. You just have to keep on guessing what you feel the customer want.


#5 Purchasing behavior

One of the limitations of internet marketing is that it is very hard to predict customer behavior. With internet marketing, you might not really know what influenced the buying decisions of the customer.


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A customer might have seen your banner ads off Facebook and decide to research more about the product before he finally makes a buying decision.


You might not really know what influenced him compared to a customer that worked in to make his purchase.


#6 Information overload

At times, in a bid to sell products by all means online, we do give more than enough information to customers.


This overload information always gets customers confused. Some also create offers that show that they are out to receive customers. Imagine offering a 50percent discount to customers just because you are trying to woo customers.


#7 Fraud

In Internet marketing, the tendency for fraud to occur is very high. At times, IP addresses suppose to reveal the location of customers.


We have seen a situation where customers hide there IP address in order to receive sellers.


You cannot really trust Analytics when you are trying to determine the real location of your customers.


Some of these customers have also engaged in identity theft in order to defraud organizations online.


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#8 Look and feel

Compared to going to tore to make purchases and checking class configurations, for products purchased online, that cannot check the product before you pay for the product

This has left many online customers highly dissatisfied.


Now your take on this argument.

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