8 Internet Marketing limitations you should know

This article talks about seven types of Internet marketing limitations you should know…


In this article , I want to look at nine limitations of Internet marketing as a means of reaching out to new and existing subscribers. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 Purchasing behaviour confirmation
The first internet marketing limitations is poor purchasing behaviour confirmation . In E-Business generally, we always have the feeling that the internet can help us to know our customers better and understand their purchasing behaviour, this is far from being the truth. One of the problems of internet marketing is that you may find it difficult to understand the purchasing behaviour of your online customers. You can hardly know if a Jumia customer is also buying from Konga. That is where the problem lies.


#2 Information overload
One other internet marketing limitations is that Digital Marketers do not know when to stop. Most at times, same information might be coming from different or the same source that it becomes so annoying. I do get some messages at times that I will feel I have heard this before. At times , I have no option than to start deleting those messages. That is one limitation of Digital Marketing that we have to look into.

internet marketing limitations

#3 Greater chance of fraud
The funniest thing is that I have friends that has vowed that they will never buy anything online. Some funny aspect of it is that I have so called I.T Professionals that also preached that using your card for transaction on line is bad. I will not blame them. The internet market is saturated that one feels that there are fraudsters everywhere. It is very easy for one to be duped on the internet because at times, it might be very difficult to verify the identity of who you are buying from.


#4 Look and feel
One other main challenge of internet marketing is that you cannot touch and feel the product or service that you want to buy before you actually pay for it. At times as well, goods sold in good condition are not returnable. This create a scenario where what you see online is not actually what you get at the end of the day. That is one of the other limitations of internet marketing for you.


#5 Communication limitation
One other limitation of internet marketing is that there is a limit to the number of customers that you can get through existing customers. There is also a limit to the amount of information that customers are willing to share with you. Not everybody have the strength of typing even if you are going to give them a million dollar. The funniest thing about is that, bad news travel fast. Once you are not able to provide a consistent service to one household customer, you are bound to loose all.


#6 Security issues
According to my colleagues who are more security inclined, they will always tell me that no website is 100 percent secured. The beauty of it is that it should always take time before Hackers can break in into your device so that you can catch them while they are still perpetrating the evil. I have seen a University setting where Linux is been used and students still break in into the network. So also , when we have online store we can not totally be sure that customers information will not be leaked or Social engineering will not be perpetrated m we can only try to stop it.


#7 Illegal online promotion
One other internet marketing limitations is that when you are buying from online stores as well, there is every possibility that you will fall victim of dubious promotion. Most of the online promo that I have known are not truly sincere. They are only geared towards driving traffic to the website where they are promoted. Some fraudsters have also duped people by asking them to call certain number for a price that does not exist. That is why you have to be very careful when you are on the internet.


#8 Sense of isolation
One other internet marketing limitations is that there is always a sense of isolation that comes with internet marketing. The organisation will always have the feeling that they are not close to customers enough. The customers as well will have the feeling that they are been neglected. This will ultimately affect the bond that supposed to exist between the customer and the organisation on the long run.



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