8 ways that internet influence CRM practices

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This article talks about the eight ways that internet influence CRM practices….



The advent of the internet, if you will agree with me has changed our world completely. It has not only changed the way communication take place in our own modern time but it has also changed the way business is been carried out as well.

This has allowed organizations to operate beyond their immediate business environment. In this article, I want to look at the role that internet plays in today’s business environment. Follow me as we look at this together.

internet influence

#1 Better coordination
The internet offers better coordination among team members who are not located in the same place. In today’s business environment, it is possible for one to have what is been referred to as “Virtual Team” where project team members are not located in the same place but they are capable of working together.
So also an organization with branches spread across different places can come together without having to be in the same location.

#2 Process automation
Customer Relationship Management gives room for automation of various processes that would have been done manually. It creates a platform where organizations are able to enhance processes and remove unnecessary procedures.

A typical example is an E-Commerce website where customers perform virtually all Front Offices jobs without the intervention of any employees.

#3 Search engines
The advent of search engines has also reduce the cost of products and services been sold online. Take for example, you want to buy a PC Tablet and you do not know where it can be purchased online. Through search engines, you can get options and compare costs. This will allow you to buy at cheaper price. It also stopped organizations from making abnormal gains from online customers.

#4 Online procurement
In relation to what I said while discussing the previous point, online procurement tend to raise bargaining power of the buyer. The E-Commerce stores are aware that customers have option as far as where they can purchase their product is concerned.

That is why they cannot fix unreasonable price tag for their products or services.

#5 Revenue opportunities
One fact that is very clear is that there is money online and organizations are looking for ways by which they can establish their presence on the internet. The main challenge with online presence is that you cannot afford to take your customers for granted.

That is why online organizations have to evolve 360 degree view of customers in order to retain their customers and raise exit barriers for them.

#6 Dialogue encouragement
Internet also encourages dialogue between organizations and their customers. The internet allows the organization to interact across multiple channels. They are able to articulate what customers want and use this in making business decisions and personalize services for their customers.

#7 Real time information
Many of you that have anti-virus on your system, what do you notice when you are connected to the internet? You will get notice that your anti-virus is out of date. The same thing applies to other organizations as well.

They are expected to update their customers in real time through the aid of the internet.

#8 Best customer experience
Do you know one thing that makes online E-Commerce websites to be different? It is the fact that they offer better customer experience. The reason for this is that online E-Commerce website is dealing with ghost customers who they cannot see face to face and are capable of leaving if they are not satisfied with your products or services.

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