8 ways of increasing website crawl rate

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 This article talks about eight ways of increasing website crawl rate….


Website Crawl rate can be seeing as the rate at which Robots or crawlers sent out by search engines  enter your website. The more the crawler comes to your website, the more you are able to see your articles coming up in search results. You can actually increase the crawl rate to your website. In this article, I want to show you eight good ways that you can do that successfully.


Follow me as we do that together in this article.


Use sitemap

One of the ways of improving website crawl rate to your website is to submit the sitemap for your site to search engines. I will advise that you make use of SEO tools in order to submit your sitemap. There is a particular format that is expected for the submission of sitemap.

Submission of sitemap makes it easy for crawler to enter your website. You also know how difficult it will be when you are going to an area that you have not visited before.

Gain backlinks

Another way of increasing website crawl rate to your website is to gain backlinks. That means you must have website linking back to you. You should not try and do this through link exchange. The best way to look for backlinks is to do Guest Posting where you write featured article for other websites. You can also write quality contents that other will want to link back to.

To me, if you don’t have a mentor. You can make yourself one through due diligence.

Unique content can increase crawl rate

There is no better way of increasing crawl rate to your website than writing quality and exciting content on your blog. You should avoid copy and paste content as much as possible. When you have new contents on your site, the crawler will come to store up your contents. If you don’t have anything new, what are you expecting the crawler to come and do?

Monitor server uptime for increase crawl rate

Another factor that can increase your website crawl rate to your website is to monitor your server uptime always. That is why it is very important that when you don’t have the resources yet, you should consider paid hosting for your website. I have always been an advocate of hosting your blog or website outside Nigeria. I am using Namecheap  and I have had no cause to regret that action.

You too can come on board.

Pinging your sites

At times, you might need to make use of site like Pingomatics that automatically ping search engines. This powerful tool at times notify search engines when you have great contents. It also automatically increase the rate at which crawlers come to your website as well.


 Optimize page loading for increased crawl rate…

There is the need for you to also look at your website with the aim of looking at those attributes that slow down the loading of your website. An average website like I said is expected to load in 10 seconds. When you have a site that loads fast, you will increased traffic to your website. This will automatically increase crawl rate to your website.

crawl rate

 Include social networking feeds

There is nothing that increasing crawl rate to you website more than having social networking feed on your website. When you have that, visitors will be more encourage to share your content. When that is boosted it will increase traffic to your website. This will ultimately increase crawl rate to your website.

Check broken links when trying to improve crawl rate….

In a simple word, broken links happens when users clicked on your links and it show ”page not found” or “404 error”. I once had this issue on my blog and it was a very serious issue. This happens because I have been altercating between blogger and WordPress. This was fixed with a single WordPress plugin.

I made use of 404 redirect that directs users to my Homepage or other articles on my blog if what they are looking for is not available.


Update in crawl rate

Of recent , I discovered that 404 redirect can lead to a situation where your website shows blank pages. You can ask your Web administrator to create rule to address that. I don’t really have much knowledge about that. That is why I will choose Namecheap over and over again.

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