8 importance of metrics in web analytics

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This article talks about some of the importance of metrics in web analytics….





Metrics can be seen as indices that you have set in order to measure the progress of any programme so that corrective measures can be taken. In my previous articles, I have talked about some of the tools that can be used in web analytics to analyse web data.


In this article therefore, I want to quickly look at eight good reasons why you need web analytics in order to perform better and take necessary actions. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.


Classify KPI as part of improving metrics

The very first reason why you need web metric is to classify your Key Performance Indicator. You must have come up with a baseline that will determine whether you are succeeding or not. Coming up with a metric give you something that you can look into and decide whether you are succeeding or not.

Having this in place will allow you to take the necessary action in order to adjust your parameters. This will help you to come up with steps that will allow you to perform better.

Overall productivity as part of the metrics

One other reasons why you need metrics for web analytics is that it will help you to determine the overall productivity of your website. You will be able to look at it at once glance and determine where you stand. You can now brainstorm with key stakeholders in order to boost the performance of your website generally.

Making improvement in order to boost metrics

One of the other reason why you need metric on your website is that it will help you to make the necessary improvement on your website. The metric will picture the number of visitor and visit on your website as well as the page that is discouraging people from your website. It will also show the performance of your landing page. This will help you to make the necessary adjustments in order for you to perform better.

Correcting design and graphic error
Another reason why you need metric is to allow you to correct design and graphic errors that are capable of reducing customer experience. You will be able to take a cursory look at your website and see how it contribute or militate against users experience. This will allow you to come up with practical measures in order to correct any anomalies that you have noticed along the line.

Improving user interface and website metrics

One thing about design is that, it is not something that you do at once and go to sleep. You need to make adjustment once at a time and see how users respond to changes that you have made. This will help you to make adjustment that will allow you to improve your users’ experience. Without metrics that will show you where you stand now, you may not know where adjustments need to be made.

Glorify pay per click campaign
If you are paying for a particular pay per click. You will want to decide at every point in time whether you should continue to pay for that campaign or not.  When you are paying for pay per click and it is not bring the desired impression that you want, you might decide to stop it. That is why you need metrics to know how many people are actually clicking on that particular link.

Better landing campaigns as part of analytics metrics

Another reason why you need metrics is that it will help you to design better landing pages that will deliver the right information to your target audience. You will be able to assess your landing page based on the result that you are getting. This will help you to adjust you landing pages in order to increase conversion rate on your website.

Better decisions as part of the metrics

Having and studying your metrics will allow you make better decisions that will improve the efficiency of your website. You will be able to make better decision regarding campaigns, search engine optimization as well as lead generation and turning new entrants to customers on the long run.




This article has explain the importance of metrics in web analytics. I just want to state it here that metrics should not be an after thought , you must have planned into the program from the onset. It is only when you have done that, that the program can be scalable to support new changes.



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