8 chronological evolution of Search Engine Optimization

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 Here are the chronological evolution of Search engine optimization….




One thing is clear. Search Engine Optimization does not come out of the blues. It all started from somewhere.  Some years ago,  there is nothing like Search Engine Optimization, content writers pay almost $200 to get listed in search engines. In this article, I want to look at the eight stages of chronological evolution of SEO. Follow me as we look at that together in this article. 



This is the year that people started talking about Search Engine Optimization.


This is the year that Yahoo created web directory where you make a one-time payment of $200 and you will have your articles listed in Yahoo Search Back in the days!



This is the year that the Grand Master of the internet, I mean Google enter the scene. They are really the game changer. Take it or leave it.


This is the year that the theory of keyword density was discovered. Your article ranked higher based on the number of time that you use the keyword that you are trying to promote in an article.


We have the AIRweb conference where the damaging effect of aggressive content writers was being discussed. These content writers engage in keyword stuffing in order for their contents to rank higher.
 chronological evolution


As part of the chronological evolution of Search engine optimization, in 2007, Google introduced the Universal Search Technology where variety of contents are mixed together in search engines. This action make searches to be more competitive as you will have to do more before your content can come up in search results.


There was the evolution of local search where searches are now based on geographical location where you are searching from. There was now the acceptance of search engine ranking factor as a means of determining where a particular content will be placed in search results.

2011 Search Engine Bomb

Also, in line with the chronological evolution of Search engine optimization, in 2011, we now have the evolution of revenue based SEO strategies where you can now make use of paid inclusion and Pay Per Click as a means of driving traffic to a particular website.


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