8 amazing tools to use for SEO analysis


This article talks about eight amazing tools that can be used for SEO analysis….


In order to perform SEO analysis for your website, there are some amazing tools that you cannot do without. If you are still not sure of what Search Engine Optimization is, you can check my article on that subject matter here. SEO has become an household name. It is as if almost all content writers are now thinking about how they can optimize their web pages.


In this article, I want to talk about eight amazing tools that you can use for keyword and competitors analysis. Follow me as we look at some of those tools together in this article.


Alexa ranking

Alexa ranking is one of the free provider of free global web metrics worldwide.

Alexa toolbar collects data on browsing behaviour which are later transmitted to Alexa website for proper analysis. This now formed the basis for web traffic reporting.

 seo analysis

Domain stats tool in SEO Analysis

Another tool that you will also use for SEO analysis is domain stats tool. This is used to collect statistics about competitors’ website. Some of the statistics collected include:

Alexa traffic rank

Domain age

IP address

Google Page Rank

Number of Facebook shares and Likes.


Domain Research tool

  • This find and track and acquires domain matching a project’s criteria.
  • It has the power to scan search engines in order to access their data.
  • It also identify search engines that requires queries via proxy.
  • It can do appraisal for any domain using a set of pre-defined criteria.
  • It also offer one-click submission for domains that needs to be analysed.

You mostly use it when you need to find domains that does something similar to what you are doing on your website.


Domain age tool

It can show you the age of any domain. It also has the capability of showing you how a particular domain look like when it first started as well.

Spider Simulator

This Spider simulator as part of SEO analysis tool simulate robots that always go round to gather contents from different websites. It actually display your website the way a robot would see it. This can help you to ascertain whether a Robot is having difficulty assessing your website.

 Search engine bot simulator

It simulates the search engine bots. It also has the capability of displaying the link that a search engine bot will find on your page.

Web page analyzer in SEO Analysis

It test a page against some target phrases that you want the page to rank for.

 Similar Page checker in SEO Analysis

This tool has the capability of checking the similarity between two web pages that are identical.
It is a very powerful tool when you need to set your page apart from that of your competitors. You should know that search engine will always penalise you when you have contents or web pages that are similar.


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