How to apply 8/80 rule in Project management

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Here is how you can apply 8/80 rule for Projects…




In my previous article, I have stressed the need for you to divide your project activities into work packages so that it can be manageable.

One of the rules of dividing project activities into manageable chunks is called “Work Package”. Before you can do it successfully, you have to follow the 8/80 rule. This is what I will be looking at in this article.

The 8/80 rule refers to a general guideline regarding work packages. It states that a work package should not be less than 8 hours (a day), and it should also not be more than 80 hours (2 weeks). For those of us that are working in private organisations, you spend 8 hours daily at work. You will go to work normally from Monday to Friday. That is 40 hours a week. Now, you can see where 80 hours comes from.

This tells you that when you are dividing the work, you have to make sure that the biggest tasks are not more than two weeks and the smallest task do not take less than a day. Even if it is one hour, you still have to assign a day to such task.

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