7 parts of outer Microsoft Excel Interface

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This article talks about outer Microsoft Excel user interface…..



In a nutshell, the User Interface the buttons and commands that you can use to interact with Microsoft Excel. This also includes the Ribbon which stands at the top of the Microsoft Excel window.


outer Microsoft Excel User Interface


Without wasting much time, let’s start talking about these user interfaces element one after the other.


First and foremost, we have the Title Bar in the outer Microsoft excel user interface.


The Title bar is the portion that shows the name of the document. It is always at the top of the Windows when it opens.


The Ribbon provides you with access to the most commonly used commands for working with Excel workbooks and worksheets.



The Ribbon is organised into a series of tabs, each containing groups if related commands. Note that also customize the Ribbon to suit your need. More on that in my subsequent articles.



The Formula bar displays the contents of the currently selected cell in a worksheet.


The selected cell is always referred to as the Active Cell. It is also possible to use the Formula to enter or edit content. Whatever you entered there will always go into the active cell.


And others like it…

The Name Box displays the cell reference for the currently selected cell or the cell reference of the active cell in the currently selected range. The Name Box can also display custom range names and can be used to navigate to a particular cell.


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We can also talk about the Quick Access Toolbar. It provides you with easy access to commonly used Excel commands, such as Save, Undo and Redo. You can customize it to suit your need. I will write about how to do that in my future articles.



The Status Bar as part of outer Microsoft Excel User Interface displays the status of various conditions pertinent to Microsoft Excel, such as the mode of the active cell and whether or not Cap Locks or Number Lock is enabled.



You can customize what information is displayed on the status bar as well.


Also, the View and Zoom controls provide you with access to commands that change the current workbook view and change the magnification of the displayed worksheet. 



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