7 major roles of sales department in CRM

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Here are the seven major roles of the sales department…

The sales department is charged with the responsibility of selling products and services to customers. In my previous article, I have talked about the role of the marketing department in a customer-centric enterprise.
I have said it in that article that the major focus of the marketing department is to enhance the success rate and increase the Return On Investment in Marketing.
In this article, I want to actually look at the role of the Sales department in a customer-centric enterprise. Follow me as we look at this together.
sales department
Before I begin proper….
The sales department aims at improving the sales process and maximizing sales.
They want to make sure that customers can have access to their products or services.  This must be possible across multiple channels.
They also want to reduce the cost of sales through the use of e-commerce website and portals. They also want to increase their revenue and market share as well.
It also the focus of the sales department to improve the effectiveness of the supply chain so that it can adapt to the best method of making sure that products and services get to the final consumer.
This will help me to introduce products and services to them in the exact way that they want it.
Doing all this will increase the satisfaction level of customers and make them remain loyal to the organization as well.
Now the functions…

sales planning and forecasting

It is the duty of the sales department to plan how the organization will go about selling their products or services.
They are to examine the various sales channels and determine which of the sales channels work and which one does not.
They will also use past sales record to determine what is likely to happen in the future in terms of sales activities.
territory management
This happens when organizations try to guide jealousy, their own area of influence so that their closest rivals will not be able to penetrate such area.
It also has much to do with assigning leads and prospects to the right person who is to drag them to the lifecycle of the organization.
This will help organizations to control their own area of influence and prevent it from being hijacked by their closest rivals.

account and contract

This is another major role of the department in a customer-centric enterprise. They are to monitor their individual customers and see where they fall on the ladder.
Knowing this will help them to score their customers and know what type of products or services to come up with for each of their customers.

activity management

When we talk about activity management in the sales department, it is meant for managing all activities and routines of the organization.
This will give room for proper follow up can be done. Let’s say, for example, the organization conducts a seminar and some potential customers came.
Activity management allows the organization to follow up until they become loyal to the organization.

quotation and order management

This allows the organization to manage order pro
This is mostly needed for e-commerce websites. They are used to monitor how customers are requesting for their products or services.
This will help them to come up with different products and packages for different customer segments.
contract and leasing
This is also used to monitor customers’ patronage. It can be used to calculate the lifetime value of stable customers.
With that, you can come up with programmes that are meant to raise exit barrier for customers.
Incentive and commission 
It is no longer news that it is costlier to get new customers than to retain existing ones in any organization.
The use of incentive and commission is meant to add value to customers and to show to customers that your organization has a listening ear.
It will go a long way in raising exit barrier for customers and building the strong relationship with them.

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