6 ways sales can be coordinated to customers delight

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This article shows the six ways that sales can be coordinated to customers delight…

Like the Marketing department, what I have discussed in my previous article, the functions of the customer service department should not be performed by them alone.


Both Front and Back Offices, as well as Partners, can assist the customer service department in building a relationship with customers. In doing this effectively, the organization must have machinery in place that helps to coordinate customer service activities across the organization.


In this article, I want to look at how this can be achieved. Let’s jump into the discussion.

One of the basic thing that we need to know is that, in most organizations, the customer service job is shared along product lines. 
If that is the case, the organization should have a centralized database where they keep customers’ information. This will help them to share information about customers and raise exit barrier for them. It will also help them to sell new products through existing customers.
customers delight
One other thing is that having a centralized database will also help customers to effect changes in the information easily.
Let’s imagine a customer dealing with five subsidiaries and he needs to change his contact address with a centralized database, a change from the centralized database will reflect in all the service channels.
Now the coordination practices…
One of the basic feature of organizations that deals with different services is that the front office’s staffs should be able to transfer customer information to another department.
If I am chatting with Namecheap  Front Desk Officer, for example, the first point of call is the Domain Department. Most of the times, if it is a Hosting related issue, I am always transferred to the Hosting department. I do not need to start telling them the problems I am having again.
They just have to check what I have discussed earlier with the Domain Department.

telephony transfer as part of customers delight

As with data, phone services should also be made routable. If the need be, customers can be transferred from one Attendant to another or one department to another without having to answer all the security questions that he has answered earlier.
customer level identifier as part of customers delight
Also, a single customer level identifier should be used to identify customers and each segment they belong to so that it will be easy to transfer customer information from one department to another.

customer training as part of customers delight

One other thing is that common training should be introduced across all platforms in order to ensure uniformity across the organization’s customer service. This includes greetings and other basic questions that customers need to be asked when they contacted the customer service channels.

coordination as part of customers delight

There should be the central customer service centre that will always conduct meetings for all department customer service centres so as to know areas that they are having challenges and how the various departments can work together.

published guidelines as part of customers delight

There should be a manual that listed how the customer service representatives are expected to relate with customers as well as procedures that they are expected to follow when some situations arose which will help them to know who to call when some naughty issues are to be resolved.

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