6 Types of Organizational Knowledge Repositories for PMs

6 Types of Organizational Knowledge Repositories for PMs


Organizational Knowledge Repositories consist of tools that are equipped for storing and retrieving information. They allow organisations to store past records about projects and use such Repositories in making decisions regarding future projects and endeavours.


In this article, I want to talk about six major organizational knowledge Repositories for projects.


The Repositories…


#1 Configuration management knowledge repositories

Organizational Knowledge repositories

These are records that contain configuration management files. Configuration management in project management has to do with the process that has been put in place to monitor changes to project files and agreed on documents.


It allows the project manager to make changes to project documents and notify team members and stakeholders about the changes.


Some of these documents contain knowledge repositories that have to do with versions of software and hardware components, as well as a baseline of all performing organisation standards, policies, procedures and other project components.


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#2 Financial data repositories

Financial data repositories as one of the repositories contain information about labour hours, incurred costs, budgets as well as other cost overrun for the project.


It allows organisations to justify and examine those spendings so that such anomalies can be corrected in the future.


#3 Historical information and lessons

These are the database that consists of project record and instruments as well as all project closure information and documentation regarding both the results of previous project selection decisions and previous project performance information as well as information from risk management activities.


#4 Issue and defection management

These are data repositories containing issue and defection status control information issue and defection resolution record as well as other actions that were taken to manage defections in a project.


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#5 Data repositories for metrics

Another organizational knowledge repositories that an organisation could have to include all repositories that have all the metrics that are used for a project. This allows organisations to store key performance indicators and metrics from past projects to present projects.


At times, done of these metrics need to be tailored to suit the need of the present projects.


#6 Previous Project files

Another organizational knowledge repositories include cost, scope, schedule and performance measurement baselines which set the minimum standard for projects. It also includes project calendars, project schedule network diagram, risk registers, risk reports and stakeholders register from past projects.


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